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How do I go about finding a therapist?

Asked by Dutchess_III (37974points) February 29th, 2016

I guess I just need to find someone to talk to. I’ve never been in therapy so I don’t know what I’m really looking for.

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If you trust your GP, you could ask them for a suggestion. Or ask any friends you know who are in therapy. Failing those options look in the business directories and make some phone inquiries. Realize that you may have to try out one or two before you find someone that will work for you.

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You can do a bit of narrowing the choices by asking yourself with what kind of person you are comfortable being as open and honest as possible. Man, woman, same age, older, etc. And you have the right to ask them questions when framed as “I would not be comfortable with a therapist who has never…” or “I need someone with knowledge of…”

Good luckl!

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You can go with either a clinical psychologist of a LCSW licensed clinical social worker. You don;t really need a psychiatrist unless you need medication and either a psychologist or LCSW can also obtain a ref. to a psychiatrist or a GP for any prescriptions medications.
I saw a LCSW for a year after my divorce, a very positive experience.

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I don’t need a psychiatrist, LOL! Just someone to talk to. Thanks you guys.

Oh, and if a therapist suggest drugs I’ll just punch them out, and tell them the voices in my head told me to.

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It will help if you know whether your issues are strictly situational or an ongoing general emotional discomfort. That would help any counselor de ide on a course to pursue.

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If you have insurance, unless you want to pay out of pocket, ask your insurance company for a list of referrals that are local in your area. Then you can make calls and find out availability (some may have odd hours or may be booked up for weeks), and you can utilize the requirements that @zenvelo talked about – do you prefer man, woman, whatever. Also, some may specialize in certain areas: gender issues, couples therapy, addiction issues, family issues.

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It’s situational, @canidmajor.

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Start with who is in network for your insurance. Then go by their specialty and then your gender preference. Hopefully you’ll still have a few to choose from. Start by review and if that person does not click with you then move on. I have been to several for occupational related stress (old job) and only one somewhat helped me sort some things out. Don’t know if I really got much help in the end. There are sooo many bad ones out there.

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I called my GP and they referred me. Thanks y’all.

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Do you have insurance? Sometimes insurance can help you find someone. If you don’t feel comfortable with the first one try another.

Asking your GP is another idea as many here already suggested.

Edit: I see you asked your GP. I’ll just say again, if you feel the therapist you see initially isn’t helpful then try another.

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Yes, and they take my insurance. I did go through my GP. LOOK RIGHT OVER YOUR HEAD @JLeslie! LOOK UP! LOOK UP!!

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Psychology Today has listings of therapists by zip code.

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