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Is it forbidden in some interpretations of Judaism, as it is in Islam, to eat with your left hand?

Asked by jeanm (279points) July 25th, 2008

A friend is editing a paper on infectious disease and found a reference to restrictions when eating with the left hand in religions such as Islam and Judaism. I’m Jewish – never heard of it!

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I never heard of such a practice but I can imagine it may be a Jewish custom among the more orthodox and Hasidic communities.

I found a similar Q&A discussion at Yahoo Groups about the topic.

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welcome back jeanm!!!

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I am not sure, but I can ask my friend in Japan, I do however, understand where something like that could come from.

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Might this custom be linked to Sephardic rather than Ashkenazi traditions?

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I can’t speak for the entire collective who follow Judaism, but I have known lots of Orthodox Jews (many were in the huge family attached to husband #1). Never has that issue ever been discussed. I know that there are prayers before both eating and ablutions. (Hey, Jean. Nice to see you again.)

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PS. I’m Jewish, too. Ask Seth if he is still the Rabbi. His wife is a Sephardic Jew.

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I’m also Jewish, and have read a whole library on Judaism, and I’ve never heard of anything like that.

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I did an exchange program and lived for a year in Chile in the early 80’s. Being left-handed was a big deal, to my midwestern surprise. It was not acceptable for me to eat in public using my left hand. I learned to eat with my right. It was ‘strange’ but okay for me to write with my left in school. I remember the family asked me ‘why’ my mother didn’t slap my hand and keep me from using the left. I replied the my mother was left handed. That got a ‘knowing’—that explains it all—response from the crowd. The family I was staying with was nominally Christian. I found that there were many Islamic influences on the Christianity practiced as well as the general culture. Siesta. Mass five times a day. Some of which impressed me as superstition and others which I found I really enjoy. The left-handed thing was generally attributed to Islamic culture (though I profess to be no expert!). Oh yes, I had pushed this aside. Almost everytime I told a companion (of like status/class) that I was left handed, the very next question would be ‘Which hand do you use in the bathroom?’ (I said I washed my hands…)
You all sound rather enlightened and god bless you. All sorts of prejudice flourish in places you might not suspect. I mean to offend no one.

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Never heard of it in context with Judaism. Not a whit.

Islam. yes. Within Hinduism, seems I read that somewhere but I can’t be certain.

SRM (liiving in Nojewsville, NC)

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I agree. My friend said he has never heard of such a thing in Judaism.

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no such thing in judaism

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