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Which city do you feel is the most overrated? Why?

Asked by skip2mylou (82points) March 2nd, 2016

In my opinion it is NYC, even thou I live here. I don’t know maybe this city is just not for me. After all New York City is not for everyone. Some hate it others love it. I would move out if I had the money. Would love to live somewhere which is a mixture of the city and suburbs. A bit more open spaces and warmer. My personality is chill and laid back. NYC is way too fast paced and stressful. The people here make it even worse. Not all (there are many amazing people in NYC) but the majority. Nothing against the Big Apple but it’s not for me.

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Seattle and Portland are at the top of my list. They’re pleasant and all that, but the residents seem to revel in how cool they think those cities are, almost to the point of arrogance. Sort of like municipal snobbery.

LA is overrated for a different reason – they just think that no other city in the US is worth shit; they are just too full of themselves.

Finally, Boston. Nice place to visit, but in the end it’s a dirty,cold city. In more ways than one.

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Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky. That place straight up sucks.

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Before I visited San Francisco everyone told me how great it was and how much I would love it. I think they may have over egged it as I was left disappointed.

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I haven’t been to enough cities to say for sure. But the impression of NYC that I’ve gotten from many people is pretty bad. It doesn’t mean it is, but that’s definitely how it comes across.

@elbanditoroso Being a Portlander myself, I will say that there’s a lot I love about my city, but I haven’t come across any rabid Portlanders of the variety you describe. Personally, I don’t care if people love it or hate it here – and that’s how I’d feel about any city I lived in. However, Portlanders have a lot of legitimate concerns right now about skyrocketing rent prices and gentrification, and a lot of it is due to the influx of people – particularly from the San Francisco area, since they’re pricing locals out. So a lot of natives flip out because the city is changing drastically, in ways that go against what they want the city to be and what it always has been. Which, being from here, I can understand when it comes to certain things. No one, once they’ve found a good thing, wants it to become unrecognizable. I’ll also say that Portland is, without a doubt, different. And coming from me, someone who hates America for the most part, well… that’s something that I find highly valuable. So it’s not really a matter of being “cool”, it’s more a matter being in a place that aligns with my personal views.

I loathe the show Portlandia, because I genuinely think it sucks – but more than anything, I hate the way it put Portland in the spotlight. All of the trend setters and hipsters wanted to move here, and it upped all of the worst stereotypical aspects of the city and the people in it instead of promoting the natural charm and special things about Portland that the natives have always loved. That said, Portland also sucks in ways. The fact that we’re SO white is pretty sad.

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Also Possum Trot and Beaver Lick (both in Kentucky as well) are high in the running. As is Round Knob, Illinois.

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