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Is anyone else sad the the FBI's demands to Apple happened after Steve Job's death?

Asked by SecondHandStoke (9507points) March 2nd, 2016

Is anyone else curious how one of our precious and few eccentric geniuses would have reacted to the hapless technophobe Federal agency?

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I don’t imagine there would be a discernible difference in either the reaction or course of action taken by Jobs or Cook.

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I think Cook is carrying that torch swimmingly.

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Personally, I could care less. I didn’t buy the iPhone for years because he wouldn’t make it bigger. Then I caved, because my husband wanted one so we both got them. Then Jobs finally drops dead (not that I ever wished him any harm) and finally Apple starts making the larger iPhone, but I already had my phone! I’m still with that small phone. I need to change it.

The whole Apple empire has always sort of annoyed me. Forever no right click, no delete key, finally some of that has changed. You can only use apple with apple. Apple groupies allow Apple to charge crazy prices, because they line up for any new release. It’s amazing and annoying all at once.

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^ Jobs’ thinking was that the iPhone should be able to be manipulated with a tool you already literally have on hand. In other words, your hand.

If the screen becomes too large then the average thumb will not be able to reach all the way across.

Perhaps It’s my design education speaking, but it it desirable to be able to manipulate any device, smartphone to door lock with as few hands as possible.

Also, Apple, like another company I admire greatly, Honda, isn’t slow to jump on certain concepts because they are unable to, but because the are conservatively waiting to see if some technologies are mere trends. Honda went so far as to, instead of creating their own SUVs had existing Isuzu products sold badged as Hondas (The Passport) and Acuras (the SLX). Once it sadly seemed as though the pointless SUV trend was here to stay they resigned themselves to develop their own.

Soichiro Honda likely turned in his grave at the idea of his name being placed on another company’s products, But something had to be done.

Honda, like Apple innovate on their own terms.

Note: If you have a Honda or Acura badged Isuzu, take it to an Isuzu specialist. Honda techs hate working on them.

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@stanleybmanly and @seek are correct, I think. I am fairly sure that Jobs and Cook cane from the same mindset.

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Like most here, I think that the only real differences are that Cook dresses differently and is less of a dick. In fact, that second point is why I think Cook has a better shot at winning than Jobs would’ve were he still in charge. While it may have been entertaining to watch Steve’s ego in action, this fight is important enough that I would rather win than be entertained.

As for screen size, that just shows that Jobs intended for the iPhone to only be used by petite women and small children. And when I saw “petite”, I mean under 5’2”; even my wife (5’5”) finds the older iPhones hard to use. Since I can hit both SHIFT keys on a full-sized keyboard, you can imagine that I have even worse problems with tiny-tech.

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@jerv Reasonable point.

Also. So your… hands are huge.

Even better for the wife.

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@elbanditoroso My thinking is Jobs’ had really good near sight. I had good near site until 1 year ago, and it still annoyed me anyway.

He was a hippie enough to try natural methods to cure his pancreatic cancer that if he had had an operation as soon as he was diagnosed he probably could have been completely cleared of the cancer, but isn’t hippie enough to let the world not be slave to Apple accessories if you buy an Apple computer. That’s America these days, I know. He capitalized every way he could financially.

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I have the hands of a ten year old boy, and I think IPhone is annoyingly small.

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@Seek If we think it’s small, how does the average man deal with it?

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^ I very much admire Jobs’ original ergonomic principles.

However, customer demand has won out on the size front, critically over time.

I do not want Apple to jump through hoops to meet every latest fad generated by it’s competition. However, if it is proven in time to be wanted by Apple customers, I am likely for it.

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I worked in fashion and some of the designers, and even buyers, were reluctant to listen to customers. All I know is my business was booming and I always listened to consumers.

You can be innovative and still listen to customers.

One thing that happens is if there is only one thing being offered you don’t know how well the other thing will sell. The iPhone in the small size sold enough that he thought it was perfect. Without another choice for bigger on the shelves, people like me, some of us eventually broke down and bought the small one, but if I had been single I would not have done it. We resisted it for several years.

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I hadn’t really thought about it. I am glad the courts seem to be siding with Apple though.

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That is from 2000. I wouldn’t be shocked if this whole FBI thing had happened under Jobs if he would have just said “Fuck You” and moved the company to Iceland.

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@SecondHandStoke Heh. Seriously though, if you think my hands are huge, you must live somewhere with a lot of teeny tiny people. Among my friends, family, and dozens of coworkers, my hands are comparatively normal-sized.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the earlier iPhones were kid-sized though. Jobs-era Apple was all about the education market, and most people in K-12 schooling are smaller than adults, so it stands to reason that their ergonomics and software would be geared towards those of smaller stature (and have the settings kids shouldn’t mess with locked down).

@JLeslie My wife and I dealt with it by going Android so we could get smartphones that fit. Am I to take it that you got your iPhone no later than 2009, or did you just not know that there were alternatives?

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@jerv Wasn’t it around 2013 that the bigger iPhones were introduced? I’ve had my phone about 4 years I think.

I had an android for about 3–4 years and then switched. Like I said, I decided to go along with what my husband wanted to try.

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@JLeslie All iPhones were 3.5” until the iPhone 5 in 2012 when they grew to 4.0” without making the phone any wider and thus harder to hold. The iPhone 6 is the only one I can really use as it made a huge leap to 4.7” in 2014, though my wife had issues with my Droid Razr HD (also 4.7”) and thus would likely have issues with the iPhone 6 as well.

Despite the difference in hand size, both my wife and I find 4.5” to be about the best size for anything we may both have to use. And it just so happens that the Moto E is 4.5” and considerably cheaper. Guess what phones we have now. (I kicked my “flagship phone” fetish.)

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My husband just told me mine is a 5S.

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I have a Moto E as well. Boost was giving them away for free with a number transfer. I’m happy with it.

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@JLeslie The 5S was released in Sep. 2013, so closer to 2½ years. By that time, the Droid Razr HD had already been out for a year and superceded by the Droid Ultra (with a 5.0” screen). Apple didn’t get past 4.0” until 2014.

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@JLeslie If we think it’s small, how does the average man deal with it? He pretends it’s bigger!

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