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Given the choice, would you prefer to live in a hot climate, cold climate, seasonal climate (going from very hot to very cold) or something else (please describe)?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 2nd, 2016

I live in southern NY, where it can be quite cold (single digits, F) in winter to very hot (90+) in summer. I no longer really enjoy cold weather. I like the fall and spring, but when I get a chill, it takes me longer to warm up and I’m not usually too productive in winter. This winter hasn’t been that bad. When I was young, I used to ski but now the thought of being at the top of a cold mountain is not that appealing.

Given the choice, I’d prefer a warmer climate. Not too hot, but warmer then the winters we experience in NY. I do like autumn leaves and I like the promise that Spring weather brings.

Some people love cold weather.

How about you? Do you like heat or cold or something else?

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Four seasons in the Northeast but with February in California.

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I live in Atlanta, where we have four real seasons. Winter is pretty benign (not like the north), but it does get cold and every now and then, we get some snow. (Not this winter, but last and a few inches the year before.

We have a hot summer, but we have a wonderful spring and a wonderful fall.

It’s the variety that I like, the feeling of the passage of time as felt through the seasons.

I wouldn’t want to live in a place like Hawaii or South Florida or Southern California—too much of the same weather, pleasant as it may be, is tedious. Even boring.


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Hot, I hate the fucking cold. I also suffer from S.A.D. so more sun = better for me. I do like snow but the hell with the cold outside of snow. My Nordic ancestors are cursing me

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I was born and raised in Alaska. The cold is normal to me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I enjoy it. Summers are nice (70 degrees is perfect) but winter can be brutal.
I went to San Diego last summer and it was a bit too hot for me, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t get used to. I want to go back.

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I live in Chicago and love the 4 seasons especially in how distinct they are. I plan on retiring in NC where a drive into the mountains for snow in the winter is a few hours away and a drive to a sunny beach is just the opposite direction.

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@Cruiser I grew up in western NC, can’t wait to get back there.

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I’d live in a cooler, but not freezing cold, climate. I currently live in a sub-tropical climate where temps are often higher than 35 degrees and it’s not unusual for temps to be over 40. You can only decently take off so many items of clothing.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me: Is that near Boone, NC? I heard Boone is a nice place.

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I grew up between Hendersonville and Brevard, this was a short walk from my house.

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@jca Boone is lovely. Some friends and I (semi-jokingly) plan to move there and start a commune. My partner will raise Christmas trees and I’ll build a kiln and throw pots. (Now if we could only win the lottery…)

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I have a vendor that grew up in Chicago and relocated to Waynesville NC and when I visited there I can see why and why it holds attraction for me.

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I live in a subtropical climate. Daily highs in the 80–100 range with a precious few cooler days each year.

I would rather live in a seasonal climate, especially because I live in a seasonal culture. We Americans are mad about holidays. Well, most holidays we celebrate as a nation are based on the seasonal changes in a northern hemisphere temperate climate.

It’s really hard to feel Christmassy when you’re wearing shorts and sunscreen and you can’t make sugar cookies because the butter is melting too fast.

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It’s a choice between freezing to death or getting heat stroke.
I pick the heat stroke. Also hot climates have bugs that infest the home.

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Warm. I love when I live in FL.

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I live in Northern California. We have four seasons here, and they are just perfect.

It got below 30 a bunch of times back in December and early January. It gets above 100 here in the summer, but it’s not bad because of low humidity. Spring is perfect, and runs from February 10 until the middle of June.

And October here is the best month of the year!

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Bend, Oregon. Not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not too dry. Lots of mountains, pine trees, fishing, skiing, and not too far from the coast.

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Coastal Northern California from Monterey to about Mendocino has the best climate for me. Just enough difference in the seasons to make it noticeable and nothing extreme except a violent Pacific storm or earthquake now and then to remind you that you’re a mortal part of this world and not a god apart from it. Memento Mori.

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We have fantastic summers here. 95ยบ and sunny and no humidity. But 10 months of rain. I absolutely hate snow ( @kritiper :: snow is why I got the hell out of Bend as fast as I could).

Ideally we would have two months of our summers and then one month of rain and just keep repeating that cycle.

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I’ll take too cold over too hot every time.
The climate here is temperate to the point that both plants and animals suited to hardier climes seem confused. I know the apple tree doesn’t seem to have a clue.

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I would prefer a cool to cold climate system with a sprinkling of warm thrown in. And yet, I live in Texas. Go figure.

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I’d prefer seasnal but…somewhere where the summer temps. didn’t rise above about 85 tops. I really hate the summer heat anymore, anything over about 82–85 is too damn hot IMO. I am not looking forward to the 90’s and 100’s to come even if we have dry heat and no humidity.

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Hawaii would be fine, highs of 88* F and lows of 60* F.

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Just north of Philadelphia. I like having four distinct seasons. I prefer cooler weather. There is something energizing about cool days and something lethargic about hot days, especially when combined with high humidity. Given a choice between having summer days with 90+ humid weather and winter days below freezing, I would opt for the winter days below freezing. Unfortunately, global warming is going to continue to give us warmer winters and summers.

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I kind of like having variety, I just wish I were someplace where the winter doesn’t quite dominate the year so much (am in the greater Boston area). This winter has been pretty mild, but I still hate how it’s dark every day by the time I get home from work, so I can’t really enjoy the outdoors on those days where the temps are reasonable unless they happen to fall on a weekend. I adore spring, so I’m very excited to be nearing it now, and I can’t wait to set my clock forward on the 13th.

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I’ve never lived in a climate I considered anywhere near ideal. Wisconsin in winter and Phoenix in summer were my unhappiest times.

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@johnpowell Bend has that much rain being on the east side of the Cascades?? My bad! Maybe Burns, Ore. would be better/drier. I like Boise, Idaho’s climate but there’s too many people.

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I dream of living in a hot place!

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I’m in SW Florida right now and am buying a place near the coast in the Pacific Northwest. I intend to split my time. I’ll have to decide which is better to claim homestead. I think it will be Florida which will mean I need to be down here six months plus a day every year. My houses will be almost as far apart as possible while being in the lower 48.

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@MollyMcGuire Seems like a nice split!

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