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Getting flashcards onto an iphone?

Asked by wurtis (5points) July 25th, 2008

hi folks. I have about 450 graphical flashcards that I’d like to get onto my iphone for studying. They’d need to be scanned, tagged into associated order, and then presented reandomly (and scored in the end). Anyone got any ideas on how to do this?

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Yep, (this will be a whole lot easier if your on a mac)
1) scan them onto your mac/pc
2) add them to iphoto
3) Create an album called Flashcards
4) plug your iphone into the computer and on itunes, under photo’s click sync Photo’s from iPhoto
5) once synced go into settings on the iPhone and click Photo’s in here slide the Shuffle button to on
6) go into photo’s on the iphone, open the album and press the little play button.

and thats it even if your on a PC once you’ve got the photo’s on the iPhone steps 5 & 6 will still work!

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Isn’t there an app in the AppStore for this?

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The above solution works. Another solution that I tried was using the app store to get a flash card program. Flash my brain program has so far worked out. It randomized the card and keep track of which card I mastered. The reason why I like it is that u can use your iPhone camera to take pictures of your real flash card and even add audio.

joecode's avatar is a free flashcard webapp for your iphone. a native app is in the works.

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