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Will Mitt Romney take over the Republican Party nomination or will he launch a presidential bid through running as an Independent candidate?

Asked by msh (4262points) March 3rd, 2016 from iPhone

Donald Trump has openly flaunted his promises in breaking (or redefining) the Constitution and Bill of Rights, upon winning the office of President.
Mitt Romney has come out with stepped up verbal attacks upon ‘The Donald’. (Mitt is still upset from the last election) Republicans have had little to “officially” comment about this newest development.
Donald and Mitt had a verbal throw down today. 3/3/16
Nasty, nasty.
So. What about Mitt?

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MITT could have been Vp. But he attacked Trump.

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I’d be very surprised if Mitt wanted VP. Even more surprised if he ran third party. I suspect he’s merely concerned about the direction this race is taking.

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Mitt has to know that he cannot win a presidential race. He is probably worried about his party and his country.
No need to read a lot into this, and it’s not a shock that he thinks Trump is a vulgar dumb ass.

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It was so hard for me to watch Mitt paraded out in front of the media by the Republican establishment so desperate for something someone to stop Trump. IMO in his entire speech there was not one heart felt statement. The GOP literally pushed Romney onto the tracks in front of a speeding freight train and the result was not pretty. Even stalwart conservative Bill O’Riley just now seemed apologetic over Romney’s speech.

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No. Romney is GOP old guard. What he said was true, but Trump’s followers couldn’t care less about either the old guard or truth.

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Yes, as the the unthinkable approaches, it’s all hands on deck! I doubt considerably if Romney wants the nomination, but the end of the world approaches as the the Trumpster carries the lessons from the Republican playbook willy-nilly down the field. It must be excruciating to witness the Donald galloping toward the goalpost with Hillary as the only conceivable obstacle.

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So has Chris Christy been knocked out of all?
He so saw himself as a V-P, don’t you think?

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Mitt is stepping into the spotlight not as a candidate (IMHO), but as the most recent presidential candidate the party had. Win or lose, that’s still a pretty powerful position within the party. I think he’s going to be the face the Republicans put on the “broker” process.

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Got to agree with @Jaxk on this one.

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I think Romney did more to further Trump’s cause among Trump’s supporters than he did to give the rest of the Republican party hope in a Trump alternative.

I, too, found the whole thing sad, and hard to watch.

I think the Republican establishment is near to endorsing Hillary, in hopes than will boost Bernie into the White house. ~~

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Christie hopes to be Attorney General in a Trump administration.

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I must confess, I stopped watching the debate. It was sickening. The older: we say things during campaigning, but work together after! -type of politics are done.
And Kasich just stands there.
He is a snake and a sneak. He has done some really bad things here in OH. And most people think he’s so passive and gentlemanly for avoiding the fray. Without knowing his record.
When retired political news commentators reappear to show disgust at the antics, it’s very, very bad.
I respect Bob Scheiffer and Tom Brocaw( sp?). I may not agree with all of their points in the past, but I respect them, none the less.
I just find it so dissappointing. And sickening.
I dread the next portion after the primaries.
“It’s been nasty before. We will recover. Bruises and all.” – my new mantra. :/
Now I will work on believing it.

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@ibstubro I cynically agree with you about Romney preaching to the choir. The beauty of Trump is that his shortcomings are as clear as that possum on his head. For those incapable of seeing them or willing to overlook the imperfections, or worse yet, mistake the flaws for positive attributes, the arena of rational discussion is already bypassed. This latest debate is a fair indicator of upcoming adventures, and a rollicking time is ahead of us.

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Trump also probably paid off Christie’s campaign debt.

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Hadn’t heard that!

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