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What is your take on the claim that dinosaurs and humans lived side by side?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 3rd, 2016

I am of course referring to the non-avian dinosaurs. There is a belief held by some creationists that human beings and ancient dinosaurs lived side by side.

What are you thoughts on this?

For a greater perspective on why creationists believe in such a thing, feel free to check out this argument posted on a Creationist website.

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My take? It’s ridiculous and science has already proven that this isn’t the case. Some people think the earth is flat.

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I think they spent one too many Saturday mornings watching Hanna Barbera cartoons.

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@Seek Either that or Barney

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That web page is so poorly written I could almost swear it is the work of a Poe.

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@Seek Sadly it might not be. Some fundamentalists are really this ignorant and out there.

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Oh, I don’t deny it. Only, when I was a Fundie, the Church was still afraid of the Internet. In fact, I believe it’s still a tenet of the Church that the pastors are not allowed to have a TV in their homes.

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@Seek Yeah I’ve heard of some pastors not only not being allowed to have tv in their own homes, but being actively against their followers from watching movies or tv too.

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Yes, I didn’t see a film in theaters until I was 20. And I was called into the Pastor’s office and scolded for it. I was on my way out at that point, anyway.

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@Seek wow thats crazy. Well I’m glad you found a way out of that religion.

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Utter horseshit.

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I like the ”Ica (sic) burial stone found in Peru” at the top of the page of the site that @NerdyKeith cited in Details. Not just ignored, bro. Willfully ignorant.

I just googled Creationist Museum to find that guy’s museum in Kentucky or somewhere, and about 19 popped up all over the Bible Belt. They are all over the place now. The sites are hilarious. Many claim to be a favorite destination for school outings. Sad. With that kind of education and science denial, they are dooming those kids to a life of washing dishes and sweeping floors.

Personally, for an alternative theory, I prefer Zacharia Sitchin’s spaceman theories on the Babylonian and Egyptian technology. Even Sitchin makes more sense than the Creationists.

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At this point it’s rather sad. The link even claims that “strong evidence” exists that men are STILL walking with dinosaurs. There’s no longer any joy in ridiculing these poor people whose lives must be as dismal as can be imagined. I mean what sort of future can you manufacture for your children when you send them to face the world with this sort of shit in their toolbox?

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It’s obviously impossible. I don’t need a “take” on it.

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Sure m they existed side by side…. in a Far Side cartoon.

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I’m going to let Marilyn vos Savant answer this one for me:

“Opinion?! it’s damaging to our intellectual abilities to believe too many things are matters of opinion, and this is one of them.”

I have no “take.” There is only the scientific fact that dinosaurs and humans never lived side by side (and that there isn’t even a single piece of evidence to the contrary). You want some advice? If someone is watching The Flinstones like it’s a documentary, you can disregard just about anything they have to say about how the world works.

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I have seen the evidence personally.

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Oxygen wasters.

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These Christians act as if they are under constant, personal attack by some army of unbelievers. It’s really weird to read these guys. It’s like they welcome it, like they’re asking for it, wishing for it to happen. Real masochists.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Or as I like to call it “a persecution complex”

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@NerdyKeith Yeah, that’s exactly what it looks like. Christ, these guys need to spend a weekend in Basra.

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Well, the coffee-and-bitching session after Wednesday night worship service is much more interesting if you have some fish story about how the tattooed lady at the grocery counter said “happy holidays” while performing a goat-sacrificing self-immolation ritual to Mephistopheles and bless her heart, if we could just invite her to youth service…

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They live in a country that you can’t walk down the street without tripping over one of them. If you read the stuff on these sites, you get the impression that they are a persecuted minority. This is bunker mentality. I’d love to buy them all a weekend in the lovely Raqqa Valley—let them find out what being a Christian Soldier is really about. Ball-less fucks.

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@Seek “some fish story”


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