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If you could have one million dollars, and you had to spend it all in one day, what would you do with it?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) July 26th, 2008
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I would:
– Buy an open round trip ticket to:
*Cuba (I’m allowed to go there)
*US (mainland)
– Buy a car to be waiting for me at arrival in the US
– Buy a pre-paid gas card or similar
– Book a bunch of B&B stays in luxury hotels across the destinations, mostly 1 night in each place, but more in some.
– Buy travel essentials like:
*High-end consumer digital camera
*MacBook Pro
*US iPhone 3G (and prepay the full length of the contract)
– Buy travelers checks for the rest.
– Head off and have a great time!! :)

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get 1 billion penny sweets

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Buy more time.

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pay off all my friends debts. Buy a store and start my own coffee house.

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I would start by donating half of it, I would pay off all my debt, then pay for the rest of my education in advance. If I had any left after that I would blow it on a trip to Paris via Washington DC then Manhattan.

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Buy a little studio overlooking the ocean.
Somewhere remote where I could not be found.

I would also keep a fund that I could use to anonomously help people with

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. Pay off all my debt
. Buy a little villa in Italy
That would leave me with about $300,000 to bank/invest. Then I would live a little.

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In order:

- Pay off my parents’ debt
– Finish paying for my best friend’s house
– Get a car that doesn’t suck
– Donate the rest

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Id put the money in a real estate purchase to buy more time. After the money is spent in the one day on my real estate purchase, I could sell the property, make my profit and invest my money in financial products towards my retirement.

I’m only 27 so my retirement savings could then triple by the time I retire!

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Could I invest it, therefore I have spent it, and I’ll probably have some profit to keep?
either that, or a million lottery tickets!

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Donate the entire thing to the Make a wish foundation for little kids with mortal illnesses. Hopefully the money would bring smiles to as many kids as it can, and I would be able to die knowing I have made the day(s) of so many little people.

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Travel. Also, all you invest it, I don’t see how that counts with the spirit of the question. Of course, you would do that if you did not have that condition.

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I’d invest half, pay off my mortgage, and travel the world with the rest. (I could spend it all in one day, I have no doubt.)

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This reminds me of Brewster’s Millions.

I’d probably just go to our favorite hotel with my husband, eat a really good dinner and spend the day hiding from the world. Maybe hit a spa.

Of course before I did that, I’d rush online to pay a bunch of bills off first.

Whatever was left, I’d stand on the hotel roof and throw the cash off handfuls at a time and watch people scramble to get it all.

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I’d buy a chocolate pie a mile wide.

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- Pay off all debts
– Pay off the house
– Move to a more suitable neighborhood/nicer home
– Travel
– Invest whatever’s left over following the guidance of my financial advisor

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I’d pay off all my parents’ debts, oh and also my sister’s. Then I’d buy a house for my mom, and one for me. That would be all of it, easy.

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@dragonflyfaith let me know when you’re leaving so I can stand outside your window!

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pay off debt, buy a house, buy two nice cars. Then pay off family and friends debt.

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I would make a charity for those in most need.

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I’d give it all to the place in L.A. that took care of my great aunt. She wanted to stay in L.A. and we had to move. She loved it there and they were wonderful to her.

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@scamp Sure will. Wouldn’t that be fun though, throwing money into the street? I mean if I can’t keep it I might as well share it.

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Yep. That sounds like fun!

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God, I feel like such a selfish bastard, what with alll of you who would give it all away, if you’re telling the truth.. I mean I would likely give some to PAWS (my charity of choice) but would spend the lion’s share on myself and my family.

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@AstroChuck I was feeling pretty selfish, too.

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@AC and syz: Not at all! With my plan, I’d obviously be a generous tipper and spreading the cash like there’s no tomorrow and thereby keeping people in jobs, and boosting the economy :)

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I would pay off all my debt, buy a new house, car and pay off all my education. Then I would start college fund for my two kids and go backpacking through Europe. Then I would pay off parents debt and donate whatever is left.

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oh wait first I would get naked and roll around in it.

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We’re talking just one day? And I have to spend it? 15%charity>pay off debt>buy a reasonably priced home in the Mt. Washington area of L.A.>take everyone I know to Disneyland and have the best day ever.

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AC: I knew you were joshing with that chocolate pie.
1) It wouldn’t last in the Sacto heat and
2) You’d have to share it with every chocoholic within smelling range.

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@AstroChuck If I had time to spend it, I’d spend more on myself. But if I have to get rid of a million dollars all in one day, at some point my 24 hours would be running out and the money wouldn’t be and I’d just be like, “OMG OKAY I’LL DONATE IT, THEN!”

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@MacBean That’s how I feel too. I mean one day isn’t a lot of time so it’d be hard to spend it all without wearing yourself out. Find and buy a house plus travel and do something fun all in one day? I’d need a spa the next day!

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I’d buy a house and have it painted Babo-blue and then fill it with cookies!

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Cookie party?

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3 cars, a nice apartment, lots of clothing and I’ll be broke after that

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@papa: it would disappear after a day! Swimming in it does no good if that’s all you’re going to do. LOL

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The best thing for me, since im 18, would just to continously put it in cd’s getting 3 or
4% interest, which is about $35,000 a year. I would live my life like normal, and once I started making my own money being a computer programmer I would help my parents and family by giving them money, add more to my million dollar cd fund, and just keep that million dollars + my extra. I would also set that up so when I dided all of my fund would be set up for my children so they couldn’t withdrawl from it, and half the interest my children would share each year, and half the interest would go towards making the fund grow.

What then.

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