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Is anyone here prepared to dispute a single word of Romney's criticism of Trump?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22371points) March 4th, 2016 from iPhone

isn’t it too late for reason from the right? Does anyone care if “I’m not as crazy as the base”?

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Does anyone care what Mitt says? Honest question. Who cares what he thinks?

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@jaytkay apparently the movers & shakers in the GOP care a great deal.

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@SavoirFaire the question isn’t about Romney’s relevance, but rather the truth of what he said.

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All the shade he tossed seems true to me.

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@stanleybmanly it is way too late to reason with the savages voters. The Movers and the shakers” on both sides of the isle is precisely what has given rise to both Trump and Bernie. Total up the voters who support either of them and that is a LOT of people who think Romney and his ilk are full of shit, should sit down, STFU and realize people are simply not buying their shit no mo and come to terms with they are the reason(s) why a turd like Trump is more appealing than the status quo.

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Trump does bring up a good point that Romney was very appreciative of Trump’s support of his presidency. Seems like nearly all politicians are sleaze bags.

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@Cruiser. There’s undeniable truth in what you say. And I agree that Trump’s fans also see the game as fixed, and are willing to risk wreckage to undo it. The problem as you recognize is in their reasoning. I think it is important to realize that as with Ross Perot, Trump would not be here minus his celebrity millionaire standing. That’s the other thing worth noting about the corruption endemic in the current setup. The gatekeepers have arranged things to virtually smother all with integrity, talent and competence who rise through the ranks. Those allowed to rise are corrupted by definition.

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@stanleybmanly Things would be so much more rational and sensible if people could let go of their white knuckle death grip on anyone but the other side of the isle. Partisan politics fueled by politicians beholden to corporate sponsorship interests has got us into this mess we are in. Supporting a polar opposite will get us nowhere. Time to call a cease fire and compromise. You don’t have to tell me I am dreaming.

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@stanleybmanly I know what the question is about. My point is that disputing it won’t make a difference (which you did ask about in your details). Whether Romney’s statement is true or false, there is no reasoning with Trump supporters (because you can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into). That’s why it’s relevant.

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What Romney does not discuss are the political issues. Many are saying that Trump’s ascendancy is the beginning of the end of the Republican party. People are tired of voting against their interests. Sure Trump appeals to the bigotry of working class whites, and he is a bit trigger happy in his approach to foreign relations. However, he is in favor of Social Security, Medicare and Planned Parenthood. He opposes the TPP. He thinks health insurance and pharmaceutical companies make too much money. For all his talk against the ACA, he still favors mandatory health insurance. I personally find Trump to be loathsome, but in some ways he is closer in his views to Sanders than to Clinton. Here is an article which gives the best analysis I have seen of the Trump phenomenon.

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