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What is your personality type?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) March 5th, 2016 from iPhone

Are you an introvert / extrovert?
Do you make friends easily or only have selective few? I was more of an introvert till my teenage and didn’t talk much. Have been a complete transformation after going to college and meeting / interacting with so many different people. What’s your story?

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Introvert, select few, quiet as a teenager but rebellious as hell. Nerdy as an adult.

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On the job at work I have to be a leader and a bit of an extrovert. At home on my own I am without question an introvert.

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Same answer as @Cruiser. I can do extrovert if I have to, but it’s exhausting.

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@cookieman Exhausting is a bit of an understatement

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According to the Myers-Briggs test, I’m an ENFP. I would agree that I am an extrovert. I make friends easily, but I choose to have a select few close friends. I could talk the hind leg off a donkey, however, in my work I spend a good deal of my time listening. I tend to think as I speak, rather than thinking then speaking. I don’t find being with people exhausting, I find it energising. My creativity is enhanced when I can bounce ideas off other people.

I have to interview people in my job, and I love it. I always come away feeling excited and charged by the experience. In saying that, if you make me go to a work function where I don’t know anyone – say a conference dinner – I won’t feel comfortable at first. I can make small talk and do, but I’d rather be with people I know. I don’t like having to walk up to strangers and just ‘engage’.

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Same as @Cruiser and @cookieman, except that my feeling for the two is completely opposite. I can do introvert but it’s exhausting.

I also recently found out that I’m not really an extrovert or an introvert but something between. That is why I can switch between ex and in easily. I’m also the type of person that can talk for hours in a party, but if given a choice, rather stay at home or hang out with a small group of friends.

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Extreme introvert. Don’t call people “friends” easily. INFP (every time I’ve taken the test throughout the years). I can talk to people if I have to and I can be good at it, I just prefer not to. However, I’m also shy, and being introverted and shy is a bizarre combination.

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I like to be left alone. I do on occasion enjoy interaction and I have no problem with it. I have even been called fun to be around.

I was invited to a party tonight but instead I am sitting at home making manicotti and garlic bread and preparing to marathon House of Cards and chilling with my World Wide Web buddies.

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I consistently test as an INTJ, though the scores for intuition and sensing are generally fairly close.

I find the description conveniently accurate. I am introverted but not shy. I am more comfortable in social situations in which I have a modicum of power, such as hosting a party or selling items at the Renaissance Festival. On the other hand, something as simple as a change in the fast food menu can stress me out to the point that I will often leave without ordering.

Either way, human interaction makes me physically tired.

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Introvery, few friends, socially awkward.

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A bit of a introvert but mostly because I am a bit of a sensitive. I tend to easily pick up negative vibes from people and it makes me uncomfortable or irritable. And sad people bring me down quickly as do angry people. I like being around people who are comfortable and happy so I can keep either being happy or neutral. I can be in a room filled with happy people and if there is one person there that seems hateful, I will not enjoy myself. Even if I’m not dealing with them directly. It just bugs me.

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@Pandora – it must be difficult for you then in many cases as there will be atleast one person who may not be in tune?

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Female Meyers/Briggs ENTP. Extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving type. I am friendly, outgoing, witty, and a comic at heart. I also have very a solitary side and my type is known to be the most introverted of the extroverts. I’m also child like in my enthusiasms and curiosity and very emotionally stable and consistent in my interactions with others. No moody weirdness with me and I hate moody people.

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@DrasticDreamer High five to a fellow INFP!

I’ve been reading up on this personality type a lot. Apparently we’re idealistic, imaginative dreamers who want to become famous novelists someday. :D

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I’m another INFP. Hi!

I’m a very quiet person. I don’t like large crowds or family gatherings. A perfect holiday is one spent with my husband, children and father.

I am very passionate about the things I enjoy. That’s when I shine and crawl out of my shell, but only with a small audience.

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@Haleth Yes, indeed. I’ve always wanted people to be more kind to each other and I’ve never understood why the world is such a crappy place. It caused me much turmoil when I was younger. I still have secret hopes that people will be more kind one day, but I no longer hold my breath.

Something that fits me really well is that I’m extremely tolerant and pretty quiet – until people violate my sense of morality (which is to treat everyone with genuine equality and not hate or be mean or demean others for stupid reasons [homophobia, sexism, racism, etc.]). When people do that in front of me, I go from being a quiet mouse to a rabid monster. :D I’ve gotten better about reigning myself in the older I get, but it still very much exists within me. It’s kind of scary how accurately the type fits me in every single way.

INFPs are kind of awesome, guys. We’re the ones who care about making the world a better place and will fight for it more than anyone. Also, I would love to write a book. * pats self and @dammitjanetfromvegas and @Haleth on back *

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I’m an introvert, although you’d never guess. I’m not shy at all. People who know me well would probably be surprised if they knew that I come up as “introvert” on the test because in a group of friends or small group of strangers I’m tons of fun.

I really like to be alone and I value my private time. On the Myers Briggs, I’m IFSP.

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For those interested in the Myers Briggs, you can find it online for free, but if you click on here, you’ll find details and the various categories, and a summary about what they mean:

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@imrainmaker Well it’s one of the reasons I am not keen on family gatherings. I like small groups. Best way to describe it is like having someone rant at a party and I’m the only one who hears it, Often I just pretend I’m not noticing but it feels like a complete waste of a what could’ve been a fun day.
The hardest part I have to deal with is always having to sneak away on vacation without dragging along extra people. They always hear of the fun and adventure I had on my trips and want to be included in on my next trip. I won’t do it. So far there are only two people I am ok with taking on a trip. My husband and son. Both of them are easy to knock out of a negative mood. I think my husband may also be a bit of a sensitive. When he gets visitors with too much baggage, he hides in his room either napping or watching tv.

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INTP here (took the test for the first time). I am a highly individual, independent creature with my own way of perception. I only do what I enjoy (but seemed to get bored quite quickly),
I’m also very imaginative and selective in real-life socialization. I hope I never offend anyone with my personality but will let it be if there’s no other choice.

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@jca Yeah, I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about the introvert/extrovert dichotomy.
Being an introvert does not necessarily mean shy or reserved, it simply means that one requires more private and solitary time to recharge and being an extrovert doesn’t mean one is some loud mouthed annoying oaf. haha
Introverts need defrag time after heavy social interaction but extroverts are not some energy machine that never feel tired or burned out from intense social interaction either. We tend to expel a lot of energy in short bursts and then need time to defrag too.

It used to drive me crazy over the years when, being known as a “life of the party” type, for awhile anyway, but then going off to find a quiet corner and relax a bit, and people would follow me around all hovering and concerned because I was being less than my usual gregarious self, and would exclaim ” Are you alright, you’re being awfully quiet!” WTF!
Just because I am extroverted doesn’t mean I want to be ” on” every freaking minute.
God forbid I am looking at a magazine, something must be WRONG with me! lol

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I wish I could stay on board with the MBTI thing but not really now having read up on it. I think it was called out for being nonsense here a year or two ago. It is. While I consistently test the same (INTJ) there is no sound science behind it. It is a parlor trick. The thing is though there could be real temperaments but I’m not aware of any official, generally accepted studies that really reveal anything that is more than an observational guess.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I certainly feel Meyers Briggs has it’s merits, nothing is infallible, but sure enlightened me about myself and others some years ago. While people can and do morph over time I do feel certain brain functions and personalty traits are fixed and do add up under investigation. I don’t box in anyone based on temperament sorting, however, I absolutely know that in understanding the varying ways we show up, has, for sure, aided me in a better understanding of self and pothers without a doubt.

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I use my Myers-Briggs score because I find it accurate enough for convenience. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t use it, much like why I didn’t use my zodiac sign or numerology score in my answer.

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SPIB: I’m a self-promoting, introverted blowhard, which seems somewhat contradictory. ;-o

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INFJ (and have been every time I’ve taken the test). Very introverted, but not shy at all. I just prefer and need to be alone a fair amount of the time.

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INFJ like @augustlan but I would describe myself as just introverted, not very. I think I am also on the autistic side of the spectrum – on tests I score highish, especially for a female. I’m not sure these tests are designed for females though.

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@Seek I do too, it does seem to do a halfway decent job of sorting like minded folks. It’s certainly better than tarot or zodizc. There is at least a structured test based on input. I don’t give it too much weight though. It was not scientifically derived. Any of us could pull a personality test out of our asses and it would probably be similar. MBTI has the advantage of mass participation so we can all see ourselves in people who score close together even if the temeraments and combinations are comletely bogus. Like minded people are going to answer the same. Any test with questions like on the MBTI will do this.

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I’m very introverted and quite socially awkward. I’ve always been like this my whole life. Well I have also been diagnosed with mild Aspergers too, so that has a lot to do with it. There are only people of certain personality traits that I tend to get on with better. I do try to get on with everyone. But at the end of the day, people with a similar personality to me are generally going to get to know me better.

I also have a very quiet personality and I am very reserved.

I’m still relatively more outgoing than I was in my teen years and I do my best to engage with others. Plus I’m a member of a support group for those with Aspergers (so that helps).

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@stinley – why do you think it hasn’t been designed for females?

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@imrainmaker it is some personal research I’ve been doing on autism. I have a few concerns about my younger daughter but nothing that shouts autism, more quietly whispers it. The more I read about females with mild autism and no associated learning difficulties – what would have been called Aspergers I believe – the more I see myself and my personality traits. A couple of links.

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