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Is it inappropriate to "like" a Facebook posting about Nancy Reagan's death?

Asked by filmfann (47825points) March 6th, 2016

I don’t mean “sorry” or to express sympathy. I mean LIKE.
My first instinct is to photoshop the picture of Nancy sitting on Mr. T’s lap, changing his head with Satan’s.
The reason I don’t is I think it’s insensitive, yet lots of people post the cruelest things that attack politicians I like, and my faith. Isn’t fair play fair?

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I have been actively denying myself the chance to speak snark of the dead for the last hour. What has kept me from posting certain comments has been an effort to rise above it and also a realization that any small gloat I would feel is transitory, and also that she was mostly a bystander.

But I do get your urge. Maybe I will PM you my comment.

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I find it curious why anyone would want to deride someone that just died. Did she do something particularly nasty to you or yours? Did she shoot your cat or kick your dog. Death is a permanent thing and those left behind have a right to grieve. Leave them do it in peace. I would hope we’d gotten past the ‘Heads on a Pike’ mentality.

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@filmfann Wait, are you saying that you’re glad she’s dead? What does your faith say about returning anger with anger, hatred for hatred? Because you’re talking about two differrent things here; your feelings of antipathy for a person and how others behave. Look at this another way; who is harmed if you post something ugly, derogatory or gloating about her? Her? No, she’s gone and is beyond care for such things. Will you hurt the same people who posted things against your faith or the politicians you like? Not likely. I think you said you were a Christian, but I can’t remember for sure. According to the Christian faith you are required to love everybody, including your enemies and those who would do you harm. (John 13:34) Love, in the bible sense, and as Jesus directed his disciples, is a verb as well as an emotion. It takes work and action to love an enemy. So are you really looking for “fairness” or tit for tat? And if you say something ugly about a dead lady, what will you have accomplished from the standpoint of an outside observer who knows of your faith? I urge you to reconsider and think of this perhaps as a test of spiritual growth.

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Here’s my take, she was your first female President, (in all but name)…fuck you Hellary!

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One thing for it is in very poor taste.
But again I don’t get the FaceBook frenzy anyways, I do get wanting to keep up with friends and relatives , but to post every drab aspect of your day to day life gets a bit uh STUPID.

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He had written my mother once that he wanted her to be the first thing he saw every morning and the last thing he ever saw. And that’s how it turned out.
Ron Reagan
Son of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and noted liberal talk show host and commentator.

Just so everyone who chooses to inflict additional pain on the Reagan family is clear who that is.

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Why do so many people on twitter take this as an opportunity to trash Michelle Obama?

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It certainly isn’t Christianlike.

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Because two wrongs don’t make a right. But all of my friends are acting like assholes, can I act like one too? No.

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No offense but I would consider that not only very insensitive, but it’s school yard tactics. Why lower your stamdards to the whole “he pushed me first” mentality?

My advice is you try to be the better person.

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