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Why do some people believe September 11th was a government inside job?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 6th, 2016 from iPhone

Do you think there is something to the claim? Or is this just another case of an out of control conspiracy theory?

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Bush was able to dip into social security funds because of the war on terror. I think that Bush failed to read the reports on terrorism threats. He was born to lead and not to read.~

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Shear stupidity.

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Same way some people think that “walk on the moon” never happened that
is was “staged” from the get go on a “set” somewhere. My father-in-law was
one of those thinkers.

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Because while conspiracies can and do happen, die hard conspiracy theorists that are always on the lookout for some hidden agenda and tend towards a paranoid personality, if not downright disordered. The guilty until proven innocent approach to everything.

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Because some people are nuts and conspiracy theorists.

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Because conspiracy theories are always more interesting than the mundane truth.

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1. Because not everyone is spellbound by the “big lies” told by government, mass media, and educational indoctrination and because there is plenty of information and opinion available to suggest that a government-involved conspiracy did happen.

2. I did until I found a different level of truth that negates the need to explain it either way.

3. It’s pretty well a moot point anymore. The agenda that it was meant to catalyze has been in service for more than a decade now.

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Because people want to look smart to fools.

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So they don’t have to admit that Islamism is a problem

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Of course it was. The Titanic was also an inside job and the Apollo 11 moon landing was filmed on a sound stage in New Mexico. Can we please move back to questions about Trump?

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@Cruiser It’s Trump’s real hair , but is it dyed?

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Because they know that only Donald Trump can make America Great Again.


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The unifying aspect of any conspiracy theory is that there are other conspiracy theorists believing the same thing.

Conspiracy theorists form a social network and reinforce each other’s beliefs. It’s in-group solidarity, recognition and status amongst their conspiracy theorist peers. In this way it really has parallels with religious beliefs, or any social movement that’s based on some ideology or set of beliefs.

There’s no specific reason why there are 9/11 conspiracy theories—except that it’s something that can be believed. Like-minded people coalesce and find they believe the same thing—before you know it, there’s a “Truther” movement.

Once people hold some belief, various cognitive biases and social dynamics take over to reinforce and perpetuate the conspiracy theory.

This is just how people are. We’re not a rational species.

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@Kropotkin, the unifying aspect of the conspiracy theories in this link is that they actually turned out to be true. Two of them were catalysts to justify invasion and war.

@filmfann- I think you mean sheer.

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Because to quote an old wise man:
“Those blast points. Too accurate for sand people.”

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I think it’s different in each case, and a combination of different things, which don’t add up to a clear picture, and which do indicate less than complete and clear information, such as:

1) TV news media regularly does tell the stories it chooses in the ways it chooses, which often isn’t very close to what’s the complete truth.

2) The Bush administration also did a lot of lying and bending the truth for its own purposes on various points.

3) For example, both the Bush admin and the news media repeatedly said “no one imagined this could happen” when that’s nonsense. The government had anticipated the possibility of such attacks, and there had been attempts to blow up the WTC before.

4) There was a giant wave of “patriotic” behavior by so many people in response to the attacks, that it seemed to be drowning out any rational voices, so there was a sense by others that a lot might be being swept up in that. For example, that’s how we got The Patriot Acts I & II, Guantanamo Bay, Homeland Security, TSA up the wazzoo, justifying the invasion of Iraq by non-existent “weapons of mass destruction”, and all kinds of people using the expression “the world changed on 9/11” as an excuse for all manner of crap, signalling they will not listen to any counter-argument. In that atmosphere, with so much other crap being foisted upon people, it’s reasonable to be skeptical and suspicious.

5) The attacks had some things about them that seemed unexpected, and information and explanations were not forthcoming. e.g.
5a) Buildings next to the Twin Towers that weren’t hit by airplanes, but imploded anyway.
5b) The visible hole in the Pentagon looked much smaller than a jetliner, and no recognizable plane debris was visible.
5c) There were no plane wreck pictures that looked intuitively like a plane wreck for any of them, even for the flight that crashed in the countryside.

6) People on the Internet started building various theories, which involved a bewildering amount of detail, and people arguing on both sides were almost never calm enough to be rational and discuss enough to cut through the weight of all of that.

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