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Would turning off my Apple wireless mouse make a big difference in its battery life?

Asked by Harp (19166points) July 26th, 2008

I’m alarmed at how often I have to replace the expensive Li batteries (about every 3 months). Would turning it off between uses save much juice? The switch is awkward and it takes a while to reconnect, so I don’t want to do it if there’s not much to gain.

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Depends what sort of downtime we’re talking about, but most likely would make a difference – of course, more so if you’re not using it every waking hour, but even if you only switch it off when you go to bed, that’s still a few hours every day.

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My experience has been that using Alkaline disposables seems to last a lot longer than the Li Ion rechargeables. It may have to do with sleep mode for the mouse and Bluetooth, whereby it may be pulling a very low current from the power supply even in this “sleep mode”.

I find that with one Alkaline AA I can eek out 2–3 months of use, and I even leave it switched on on my desktop unless I pack it away to travel.

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I have two sets of rechargeable then just swap back and forth. Maybe every 2 months.. same with the keyboard.

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