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What does it mean if a guy you barely know asks you to go to a party with him in a casualy manner?

Asked by curiousmonkey (59points) July 26th, 2008
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It sounds to me as if he’s interested in dating you.

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@syz yes pretty casually like as in i don’t know hes just wanting to hang out, is what i think but i don’t know is it normal for guys to ask girls to go to a party,just to be friends with them?

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He’s hoping you’ll get drunk and makeout with him.

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Bring a chaperone (girl friend) and you and friend meet him there…give yourself options for the evening in case the rendezvous goes “south.”

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It means you’re a teenager.

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dont know. Everyone is different. Just be cautious and have an extra pepper spray on hand.
p/s watch out for your drink if you intend to drink anything, don’t get drunk. Guard against the date rape drug someone might lace your drink with.

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he’s trying to make out with you. bring a girl friend and see what happens

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Probably he likes you. Ignore these cynics.

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He needs someone to drive him?

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@babo well i dont drive so i dont think thats why

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All of the above!

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Maybe he just wants to go to a party with you. Like he said. (Do people try to read too much into things sometimes?)

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