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Letterman, Leno, Daly, Kimmel, or O'Brien?

Asked by Indy318 (1012points) July 26th, 2008 from iPhone

Whos got the best show on late night? My personal favorite is Conan O’Brien because of his wit and sarcasm. He has a great opening where he discusses international affairs but ends each topic with a sly remark. I know his format is similar to the other hosts but his energy and demeanor is like no other. So I ask you, who is your favorite late night tv host. Is there any I did not mention?

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Letterman, with a close second of O’Brien.

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my sense of humor is more on the Colbert and Edwards side.

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Craig Ferguson, because of his awesome accent and his Prince Charles impersonations. Conan is my second favorite.

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Letterman, baby…

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who’s this ferguson fellow, is he on the BBC of something?

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best openning Kimmel
Best hosts o’brian
Best segments letterman
Daly is a complete and utter waist of time
Ferguson is pretty funny but don’t have the rep the top 4 have.
Out of the 4(letterman,o’brian,kimmel, and leno) I have letterman with leno a close second.

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Conan O’Brien, then Leno.

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John Stewart

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Conan (love him) and then Jimmy Kimmel.

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HA Marina!!! I’m happy because I can tell you something you might not know.
I GA’d you for Stewart (me too, who are those other dudes anyway?) but Jews don’t call themselves “John”, they call themselves “Jon” and he does.

I will now accept corrections from Jews on fluther whose names or whose uncles’ names are John (sic).

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Thx, Susan. I should have looked it up. I have always found the spelling without the h sexy.

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O’Brien I find him kind of sexy in a pity f*** sort of way.
His awkwardness makes the show more entertaining.

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Meh, none of them really compare to stephen colbert

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I agree with Marina. Jon Stewart and Colbert all the way.

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Sorry, but their sexiness wasn’t a determining factor in my choice. I guess its a girl thing.

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If I had known Stewart & Colbert were an option…

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My son’s name: John (and Yaakov in Hebrew.)

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Graham Norton surpasses all US late-night hosts. But my favorite network TV yank is Jimmy Kimmel.

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As to my 1st post it was Stewards not Edwards LOL

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@ seVen – don’t you mean Stewart?

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@tinyfaery I loooooooooooooooove Graham Norton. That man can convince anyone to do anything. He’s hysterical.

Of the original choices, I choose Conan. Letterman and Leno are okay once every couple of weeks but I can’t stand them any more than that because they tell the same jokes over and over for that long, if not longer. Variety is the spice of life, guys…

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O’Brien and Stewart

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Conan… the sheer stupidity of the “Spin the Ring” contests make his show amazing. Plus, he’s just so goofy looking that his funny comments get amplified!

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Gail forces me to take back my waspy extrapolation from all my Jon-friends’
origins. This goes beyond grammar. I bow to her great brain.

Stewart all the way, whether he was on the original list or not. But Leno
really makes me guffaw. I can see all his moves as theatre
and they still work.

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Craig Ferguson is easily #1 for me, followed by:

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Thank you phillyzero! Finally another Ferguson fan. Seriously, Ferguson is awesome!

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Leno’s headlines are great.

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Does anyone else think Spike Ferestens show is funny?

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Letterman, followed by Conan. I like Stewart as well, Colbert I can take or leave.

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Conan. Second would be Leno and third Letterman. I think Letterman would have been second if that annoying idiot called paul shaffer would shut his frickin mouth! That dude annoys the crap out of me!

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