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Can you help me get email set up?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43577points) March 9th, 2016

I started working with my broker this week. He’s 74 and often times I found myself having a difficult time following his train of thought. However, today it dawned on me that he wants me to be responsible for upkeeping the various accounts he has on online websites. That’s fine. I enjoy stuff like that.

Anyway, he left for Oklahoma, leaving me alone with some vague instructions, and it was up to me to puzzle them out, and I did. I figured out which websites and accounts, what their purpose is and, most importantly, how to access them so I can edit. (My broker just isn’t sure what passwords and logins go to what where and he kept looking in this really thick address book he has had since 1965, and trying different things, non of which worked…anyway, I teased it all out in his absence.)

One thing I need to do is set up an email address for me.

On his website it shows his email address as:
However I finally realized it’s actually a gmail account, it just doesn’t say @gmail at the end.
I need to set up a similar email, ...and I’m kind of stuck on how to do that.

Yesterday he instructed me to set up a gmail account. I didn’t quite understand why then, but I set one up because he said to, but….it was just kind of a throw away account. Well, it logs me in OK, it’s a valid account, but it’s definitely not what I want. I don’t know how to delete that and start all over.

And how can it read “” when it’s a gmail account?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I think the only way would be to have your own email server set up to just forward it to the appropriate gmail account, but honestly if you have your own domain and email server, why not just use that throughout?

Pre-posting edit:

Found this actually.

“Custom Gmail Addresses

Registered Google Apps users have the option to create custom email addresses that end with the name of a Web domain. This option is available only when you have a qualifying Google Apps account and have pointed your domain to Google’s hosting service. This enables you to create a number of email addresses that use your domain name after the ”@” sign in the address instead of Gmail or Googlemail. Google limits the number of custom email addresses for free Google Apps accounts but not for Google Apps for Business. As of 2013, Google isn’t accepting new registrations for free personal Google Apps accounts, but the custom email option is available for existing Google Apps accounts.”

Seems like maybe it was an option before but not any more.

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I have my domain mail from routed to Gmail. I contacted Google, and they routed me to a 3rd-party tech group that handles all the MX record changes and redirects. Contact NeoNetwork Services, LLC. See for ways to contact them.

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Wow, thanks you two! I’ll pick this back up at work tomorrow.

@XOIIO Do I (we) have our own domain and email server? I have no idea! I’ve been doing this job for 5….hours. From scratch. No training. One minute I was eating sunflower seeds, the next I’m trying to figure out domains and undercover emails and my head is spinning.

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I would reach out the the host of your works website. My companies website host help desk is constantly throwing me a life ring when I run into these similar situations. These people exist to help you and I and others to do the jobs they need to do that require the help you need to navigate a glitch or two.

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Well…I have, actually. They just tell me to go to whomever hosts my email server. I THINK that’s gmail. So I guess Google techs are my next stop.

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Well, good morning!

Here is the biggest problem…I have NO CLUE what I am doing. I don’t know what a “domain” is, other than in standard usage. Is my domain my website?

@XOIIO It sounds like custom emails are still available for existing Google customers, which is what my Broker would be. I just need to add my email to his account.

I guess…I just call Google.

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If you have access to your boss (whom I know is away), your best bet would be to ask him who hosts your e-mail server. Someone there set this up initially.

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He has not a clue, @janbb. Hes’ really lost. He’s very smart, don’t get me wrong, but he really yearns for the old days (say, 1974.) Thererein lies my biggest problem. He can’t tell me exactly what he wants me to do, he just knows something needs to be done with all this internet stuff.

Anyway, I finally realized Google hosts his server. I spoke with them this morning and I’m closing in on it. Just waiting to hear back from a text I sent my “boss” telling him that he’s going to get a code texted to him (in lieu of a password that I don’t have, so I can access his GoDaddy account) and told him to forward it on to me, or call me.

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I got it. Learned a lot in the process. The job he handed me…well, take a piece of foil, about 2 feet wide and 10 feet long. Cut into strips the size of spaghetti. Wad it up. Then give it to a hyper two year old for an hour. Then…tease it back out into pretty strips again. That’s what it was like.

I’m going to vent here: On Thursday, the day I started, my broker was out of town. I spent a good 3 hours of the morning wading through the reps and the transfers and learning the logo and the relationships of all those accounts.

I finally ended up with Google for Business techs because they host our email. We were at the last stop, logging in to GoDaddy. There I got stalled out because I didn’t have his password. I had his UserID, but not the password.

They sent my broker a text giving him a temporary password so I could get in. Then the tech gave me a case number so that when I was ready to finish up with another tech there, I could just give them that number. My broker never responded to my text.

The next morning he came in. I told him all of that ^^^ in a much more condensed version and said, “We got stalled out at logging in to GoDaddy.”
My brokers said, “No, no. GoDaddy is NOT where we need to go! It’s Top Producer, or maybe, not GoDaddy. And I don’t know what Google has to do with any of it.”

My heart just sank. I had a feeling I knew what was coming.

Sure enough, we started back at square one, where I’d started the day before. I just didn’t know how to respectfully override him, my new “boss.”
We were on the phone, on speaker, for an hour with alone, with some poor new guy who was getting very confused and frustrated, feeling like he was doing something wrong.

This whole time my broker was almost literally peering over my shoulder, trying to micromanage my every key stroke asking me, and the tech, if I was sure that’s what they wanted me to do, which added more confusion into the mix.

At one point my broker left the room and I grabbed the phone and reassured the poor tech that he was fine, my boss just needed to find out for himself that we need to be with Google.

So FINALLY, three hours later, we got alllll the way back around to Google,

After a long hold, Google finally came on the line. I gave them the case number, they asked if my broker had the text.

He looked for it, and finally handed me his phone because he couldn’t find it.
I got the text. He asked to see it. I showed it to him and he said, “That doesn’t even make sense. It’s just a bunch of random letters and numbers.” I explained what it was as I keyed it in to login to his GoDaddy account, and we were in.

The whole time he was saying, “I just don’t think GoDaddy is where we are supposed to be….”

But he did finally leave me be. And within 15 minutes I had my new email and, with my broker’s permission, I get to be a Super Admin of his GoDaddy account….and all of his other accounts.

</rant> Thank you for listening.

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^ Welcome to the world of work.

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I’ve worked all my life, @janbb. This isn’t my first job.

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