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If someones adulthood status can be removed then can a child be granted adulthood status?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19621points) March 9th, 2016

From criminals to NCR (not criminally responsible ) who get treated like children. Can the opposite be true? That a child be tried or considered to be an adult? For extra points can we have a super adult status? Like a police officer, but for the general public after passing a test?

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Well, children can be tried as adults in the US. Brother and sister, ages 12 and 13, are about to be freed after serving something like 18 years for killing their dad’s girlfriend. And an 11 year old was facing life without parole for killing his dad’ pregnant finance.

But criminals and people with diminished capacity are not t\“treated like children.” They are treated as adults and either face the consequences of their adult actions, or they are hospitalized for not being safe for society or themselves.

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”...can a child be granted adulthood status?”

Yes. Emancipated minors assume most adult responsibilities and relinquish the care and control of parents or other guardians.

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Children achieve adult status.
Adults relinquish it.
Two different principles.

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A minor can be emancipated. They cannot vote, but they can, for example, enter into a rental agreement and work without child labor restrictions.

I had a high school friend who was legally emancipated at 15. I’m still not as mature as she had to be 17 years ago.

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A child can be emancipated but an adult cannot be returned to infant status. An adult may be declared an incompetent though.

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