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Fluthers cuss rate is only 1.2%?

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We’re amazingly civilised, aren’t we.

Great website.

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haha. Disney is zero.
great find, btko

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I applaud the collective once again.

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Actually, let me get rid of what I just wrote. Maybe we can go this whole thread without a curse.

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@petethepothead: New cuss rate: 94%

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I changed it :P

We are f***ing awsome though.

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@petethepothead: New cuss rate: 1.2%

Fact: When petethepothead swears, it’s more offensive.

Edit: You changed it again?! Oh jesus. I can’t keep up.

Edit: You changed it again, again?! Oh jesus. I can’t keep up.

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I’m done editing.

edit: I promise.

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Well gee golly, it just makes me want to curse more!

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@dragonfly – haha, i thought the same thing before i read rich’s response. Then I felt ashamed and wanted to act “civilized” as he called it.

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I could take care of those low numbers.

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@PnL I feel like I have Turrets right now. My husband is giving me a funny look for talking like a sailor at random but I have to get it out of my system. Deep breath Ok I feel better.

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Well hot damn!! That’s good to know.

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@scamp D’oh!

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I wonder what that site’s repertoire is…...maybe we just need to be more creative :)

example: don’t call someone a “son of b!#@€”, but rather a “son of a motherless goat” <-I like that one!

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I cussed on Fluther twice in the last two days… I feel bad. Apparently I’m bringing down the collective.

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I was in a forum once that had filters. they cracked me up. One of the substitute words was crappity smack!

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Oh lawdy lawd that’s nice to know :)

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I cuss a lot normally, but when I’m here I feel like I don’t have to to get my message delivered. This is the most civilized and mature internet community I’ve come across.

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Ditto that, Magnus. Great group of motherfuckers around here.

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Yay PnT.

I’ve cussed 3 times in 3 days, but these were the first 3 ever.

In my opinion writing f*** is just the same as writing fuck; its just like bleeping out cuss words on TV. We all know what the word is, it registers in our minds, and we absorb it just as we would the actual word. I actually find censored words more apparent than the actual word. If one just hears or reads a cuss word, the mind tends to skim over it; it becomes part of the communique. However, if the word is altered or bleeped it sticks out in the language and in the mind.

Just my 2¢.

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Whats the average cuss rate. We need perspective here.

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Fuck all that shit.

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The site says about 10% Spargett of all the sites tested so far :)

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Is it in real time? If so, must’ve gone up by now, datburnit!

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But it’s a percentage, so way more none cuss words are written… could have even gone down.

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