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Will you still love your children?

Asked by josie (30926points) March 9th, 2016

Imagine that philosophy and/or science finds the ultimate answer to everything.

And they discover that everything is cause and effect and that in a materialistic sense, humans have no free will but that they are conditioned by their circumstances or that they can not choose their actions but are merely compelled to act in a particular way by a predetermined law of nature.

That they really have no accountability for their actions, but are merely victims of random events in the quantum activity.

And you fully know and understand that.

Will you still love your children?

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Love doesn’t come from accomplishments. If it was, it would be demand, or using, not love.

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I suppose so, as long as the random events of quantum activity victimise me in that way.

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I would assume if everything was cause and effect than I too would fall into that rule and continue to feel as I always felt no matter what I know to be true.
We already know that hormones affect how we feel. There is now some suggestion that chromosome from males can be found in the mothers brain. They are not sure about girls because moms and daughters carry the x chromosomes.
So maybe it means that its natures way of physically bonding mothers to their children so we can recognize them and have a bond.

So if that is true, I am possibly already bonded by this chemical exchange. Would it change how I’ve felt for years. No. Logic will tell me that there is no reason to dismiss my feelings simply because I know where they come from. There would be no benefit in destroying a great relationship. Now if the relationships where already sour than I can see how one could use it to be rid of guilty in demolishing the relationship maybe. But without free will. How will you decide to do something different?

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Well, probably. I guess I wouldn’t have much choice, would I?

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yes, and I believe it fortunate that it seems we have no choice.

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I don’t believe love, as a concept, or emotion, could ever arise from the initial conditions put forth. So no. I wouldn’t love my children, because love wouldn’t be possible in that evolutionary model.

The model put forth may be adequate for rocks, waterfalls, storm clouds, solar systems, etc… But anything with a pre-frontal lobe of adequate proportion is not 100% defined by causation alone. We can author new realities atop the causation.

Cause/Effect < Thought/Affect.

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Of course. I love my daughter even though she can’t help but display some of her dads obnoxious traits, but my good traits still win. haha
Besides, what choice would we have anyway?

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How could love arise in the first place, from a reality of cause/effect alone? Rocks are created from that. Do rocks love?

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Raises the question in turn, what is “love” then?

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Well I already hate them, so probably not.

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Psychobabble…does not compute.

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Yes. I already know that my love for my daughters is not based on something I have control over. I loved them at birth despite not knowing what they were capable of, what their personalities were like, how they treated me. It doesn’t matter. Your premise is already true.

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