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How come I can't change my email address?

Asked by susanc (16122points) July 26th, 2008

Email address originally given to fluther failed in the real world; new gmail address, when inserted into fluther “change address” slot, brought up a message that that address is “already in use”. No kidding. By me. I don’t understand.

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Did you go ahead and create that second account? And if so, did you use that email address for it?

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Yes, the gmail account has been all I’ve used for the three months since the account took a dive due to (according the the very thorough Mumbai representative of hughes) a Mac (not Hughes) failure. I haven’t had the
moral strength yet to spend the requisite five full days on the phone with the Mumbai representative of Mac.

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A while back you were debating changing your username on Fluther and one alternative mentioned was to create a second user. I’m thinking, if you created that second user, could you have entered this, working, email address when you did? If so, that’s why the system is telling you it’s in use. It’s in use by your other Fluther account.

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Thanks wf, no, after airing the 2nd fluther account idea, I ditched it. No secrets here.

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Use the ‘contact’ link. Ben, Andrew or Erik will track down the source of your woes. Good luck.

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