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I Heard an Animal Attack Another Animal in My Backyard in San Diego, Do You Know What Kind It Was?

Asked by kimigen (70points) July 26th, 2008

I live in San Diego above a canyon with a freeway below the canyon (across the freeway from SDSU,not exactly rural). Last night I heard an animal being attacked by another animal but it was dark and hard to see. I could see one much larger animal that appeared to be around 40lbs, and round looking (like an overgrown possum). The other animal was making a horrible, screaming, warbling sound. Does anyone know what these animals may have been?

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Do you have raccoons there? Raccoons will kill and they look bigger than the really are because of the big fur. A 40-lb raccoon would be a monster, but the fur…. I hope the other animal was a bird. I’m not going to look back here at better answers than this. I don’t want to know.

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My guess would be raccoon or coyote as the aggressor. Both have successfully integrated into city living. As for the victim, not much to go on there. Although rabbits do have a horrendous, shrieking death cry.

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what is a warbling sound?

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Second the rabbit noise. We have raptors, foxes, raccons, owls, coyotes and bobcats pick them off. I saw many baby bunnies last week; this week they are gone.

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Raccoons also attack and kill house cats.

The other thing it could have been that is found in your area is a lynx. That sound smore like the size you thought it was. There are also coyotes.

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What is the range for wolverines? ‘Cause that would be a huge racoon. Huge. I’d suspect that you might find some big cats in your area, and coyotes too. Did you go out this morning and see what you found as evidence of the attack. Blood? Fur?

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I did go out this morning and look at the yard, there was no evidence of the struggle. Also just to clarify, the sound of the poor animal that was being attacked was like a shrieking but with a lot of vibrato. It was truly one of the most awful noises I have ever heard. It put up a fight for a good 15 minutes before it finally went silent. Anyway, thanks for such great answers!

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Oh, and just to second the notion; racoons can and will kill. We lost our two pet chickens to racoons this Summer.

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I think we can rule out jellyfish…

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Cats having sex?

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I gues panter

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Dogs pant. Panthers pounce.

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