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What are your state/province/city's major imports and exports?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17702points) March 10th, 2016

I’m in Alberta so it’s oil , wheat and beef. Alberta’s imports are fruit , oil from South America and the standard goods. What’s yours?
Please mention where you are unless you want to be anonymous.

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Our biggest industry is tourism.

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Are those Alberta’s imports or exports??? (I am teasing).

California exports a tremendous amount of agriculture, and provides multitude of goods and services. California’s GDP is about 15% larger than all of Canada.

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My city…...

Imports: heroin

Exports: artificial women

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@zenvelo lol. Thanks . Honestly I don’t know what Alberta imports. I would guess fruit from California and B.C. and oil from South America and normal stuff for everyday living from China.

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Import: just about everything you imagine.
Export: sea food, but this seems to be on the decline now.

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Import: Tourists
Export: Toursts, thank god.

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Exports, lumber forestry, minerals mining.
Import : whatever there is a market for.

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Cheese. I live in Wisconsin and we have so much freaking cheese you can’t think. Also some bizarre ground up meat filled cases of all different types, of which I refuse to go anywhere near, and apparently some ridiculous micro brews for the pretentious hipster population, with their beards and pipes and skinny pants.
There was just a world cheese competition here at Monona Terrace and for the first time, Wisconsin won some grand poopah thingy. Now we can all be snooty cheeseheads

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Norway here. We export shit tonnes of oil and tech used in shipping and navigation and guidance systems and garbage and electricity and education you could count too.
We import everything. Electronic consumer goods, white ware, food, and don’t forget us low cost immigrant workers.

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