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Can I manually update my tablet from Android KitKat to Marshmallow?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32719points) March 11th, 2016

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro running Android KitKat. I want to update the OS. Is this possible? Is it difficult? The machine is 2 years old. I don’t have to update it. It’s running fine. I tend to like to have the latest version of software, but updating this is not urgent.

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If it didn’t get Lollipop from Samsung doubt you can jump to Marshmallow (maybe able to root the tablet and go to new update but it could turn into a “paperweight”).

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I want to avoid creating a paperweight.

It did not get the Lollipop upgrade from Samsung, ticking me off.

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How much trouble do you want to go to?

You could root the Tab, and then load a newer ROM (lollipop). It’s a great opportunity to learn something new :-)

But if things are working fine, then there is no compelling reason to do so.


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It’s working. I’ll keep it like it is.

Thanks, friends.

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