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Another great guy gone.
This song will have to be rewritten about 2016, the year the music died.

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Their early stuff was amazing to me, a whole new world in rock. I wasn’t too much of a fan of their later stuff. I loved Pictures at an Exhibition, and Trilogy, and Brain Salad Surgery. But then they seemed to be a bit too over the top in the live shows.

But another one gone, this has been a hell of year for music legends/.

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Yes, as @zenvelo said, what a year for music legends. R.I.P. K.E.
What a lucky man he was.

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That is too bad. He was a great keyboardist and composer. R.I.P.

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From The Beginning was one of the first songs I put on my iPod.

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I wasn’t as it happens, felt the urge to answer based solely on the amusing rewording of the question.

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Oh yes. Still am.

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Heck yeah…what a tragic loss to the music world. I think I will have a brain salad in his honor.

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Rolling Stone. Grr…

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Nobody is talking about the suicide reports. From what I have gathered he was suffering from some degenerative nerve issues in his hand and was depressed at losing his ability to play music. A single gunshot wound to the head, most likely self inflicted. Sad, but his choice.

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@Coloma I agree. Gunshot suicides are particularly troubling to me as it tells me they were really in a bad place to take such violent and certain measures to end their life.

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@Cruiser Yes, I think gun suicides are the usual choice for most males, certainly gets the job done 99% of the time. I know the stats say that the highest risk suicide group ( this economy not withstanding ) is amongst white makes in their 60’s. I guess everyones rock bottom is highly individual. I’m still not over Robin Williams death, I loved that guy, but I understand why people make this choice. Losing control of your body or your life is a hard thing to cope with.

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@Coloma The only rationalization I can come up with is at that moment they wanted to make sure there was not any chance of medical life saving measures. Sadly from experience I cannot help but consider they were at the same time sending a message to those they left behind

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@Cruiser Yes, it is always the hardest of the survivors. It’s too bad people can’t be honest with their loved ones and either A. find a way to get past their pain or B. have the support of loved ones so it is not a shocking and traumatizing experience for those left behind.

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