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How do I make my voice all high on a video?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) July 26th, 2008

Ok, I don’t know if you have seen Fred on youtube (if not go to, but I was wonder how I make my voice all high like that. Also, can we please not get into a descussion about Fred and just stick to this question?

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It’s called falsetto. Google it; no discussion from me. Who’s Fred?

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Just edit the pitch.
Fred is hilarious, and I don’t like people copying him.
Please don’t copy Fred.

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I’m not going to. I just was wondering. I know I said don’t get into discussion, but he is pretty rude. I have ADHD and he pretty much makes fun of people with that. but back on subject

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Voice machine? They sell them at Halloween stores and spy places online.

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Fred makes me want to puncture my eardrums. Once and a while they will bleed if I hear that horrid noise.

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