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Can Heath Ledger get an Oscar now he's passed away?

Asked by cage (3117points) July 26th, 2008

Surely he deserves one for his performance in The Dark Knight, as best actor or support?
Is he allowed to receive it?

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Yup. A lot of people who have been involved with him, like Maggie Gyllenhaal, are literally demanding he is nominated. I think the majority of the public feel the same too.

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There is still a lot of movies to come out. I think he was the best so far. I hope he gets IF he is the best.

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Well Maggie is sort of biased.. they’re like family because of his close relationship with Jake, who is Matilda’s godfather. I would expect that from her. But the outpouring from everyone else is so wonderful and yet so sad at the same time. Every time I start thinking about Heath Ledger I get so angry.

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@poofandmook, actually I sorta agree with you. I find it really annoying how it’s got to the point where people are praising him simply because he’s dead. Sounds harsh but it IS true. It’s like positive racism, where someone will be more friendly and so on to someone of another race so as not to discriminate against them, it’s exactly the same, except we’re praising him because he’s dead and he died so tragically :(

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@cage: I meant more that I’m angry because he died, and I don’t think it’s fair, because like another question I asked a few days ago about a national pharmacy system type deal, I think it could’ve been prevented. Heath was such an amazing talent, and the fact that he’s not around to share his gift anymore makes me furious. I agree in that I hate when people are praised up and down just because they’re dead, however, in the case of Heath Ledger, I think he deserved it anyway.

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Other actors have died in much worse ways, but I like Heath Ledger because his performance has always been awe inspiring. And consistently so. He died doing what he loved, and I think that’s admirable too. There’s no shame in respecting the dead. Especially Heath Ledger.

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Posthumous Oscars have been given before. If he weren’t dead, would everyone think the perfrmance Oscar-worthy? I am OK with it as long as he deserves it.

“The First Posthumous Oscar Winner:

* Sidney Howard, for the screenplay of Gone With The Wind (1939)”

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The Oscars are a sham anyway. When has Julia Roberts ever been the best actress? Shakespeare In Love? The Oscars mean nothing.

What a waste = Heath Ledger = great actor

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@Marina I’m pretty sure a lot of people would still think that performance was Oscar-worthy, even if Heath was still breathing. Fewer, certainly. But there would definitely still be Oscar buzz about him.

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In my own opinion, it was a fantastic performance, with no bearing on the fact that he is dead.

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I would rather the Oscars die than Heath Ledger

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I cry everytime I think about Heath Ledger. It’s just so tragic that he’s gone. I can’t see anyone playing the part of the Joker better than him. He really went above and beyond my expectations and he will be greatly missed. As for the Oscar, he would deserve it even if he was still alive. His Joker slapped Jack Nicolson’s Joker in the face. I really hope that he is nominated and wins. It’s sad to see such a great talent wasted when there isn’t alot to go around in Hollywood in the first place.

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Yes, his performancce actually made me cry… he deserves it….

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