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Can you recharge a mostly dead 9 volt battery by plugging a fresh one into the terminals?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28294points) March 13th, 2016

Of course, I could just buy a new one. This more of a theoretical question than anything else.

Since the ends of 9-volt batteries fit into each other, can I recharge a dead battery by plugging it into a fresh one?

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you’ll end up ruining both and possibly start a fire.

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Batteries work using chemical reactions, and regular batteries cannot be recharged in this way.
And yes, you can start a fire this way.

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DANGER! DANGER! Will Robinson!

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You can not recharge batteries that are not designed to be recharged.

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You actually can recharge plain old alkaline batteries but you need a charger specifically designed to do so. Most people don’t realize this because it is a fairly recent development.

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But you can connect them in series for some healthy home made fun.

Don’t actually do this.

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Regular batteries cannot be recharged.

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@kritiper they actually can, with a special charger and if they have not been discharged all the way down.

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I wouldn’t recharge regular alkaline batteries. The chemistry god gets very angry if something goes wrong.

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