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Is it possible that these individuals and groups have too much power in the US?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9178points) March 13th, 2016 from iPhone

Here are two easy to read charts, one from 1990 and the other from 2010.
Both charts consist of obvious powerful people and organizations. All are very real and if you have any doubt, a quick Google search will confirm it.
Why is inconceivable that these people and organizations are too powerful and have a great influence over our society, economy, and political system?
Is it that crazy of an idea that a wealthy, upper class group of people are working together for certain interests?
Please look at the two links prior to commenting.

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I think it’s great that these same wacko conspiracy theories come every 15–20 years. It makes for great comedy entertainment.

@SquirrelEStuff if you want to believe in this crazy world domination theory, have at it. It comes up and is debunked every generation.

Ask yourself this: If there were such a conspiracy to guide the world, and it is made up of all these supposedly important people, why are they so bad at what they do? They have been largely ineffective, and (if you believe this in the first place) have failed in their supposed goals.

Look at who compiled this supposed list. What more do you need to see that this is a conspiracy nut?

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How are they bad at what they do? Every organization listed there is doing just fine. They tend to maintain control even through the toughest times.
Almost every popular news anchor is part of these organizations?
Almost all presidential candidates are part of these groups.
Do you really think the NSA cares about protecting us from terrorism?
Conspiracys have happened throughout history, no?
Are hackable electronic voting machines just crazy conspiracy theories too?

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“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

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It is incomplete, because it is missing all the real power brokers of the last 35 years. The charts only show half the members, missing people like Dick Cheney, G.W. Bush, Antonin Scalia.

And really, because it is open and transparent that these various groups meet, you are missing the nefarious groups like the International Order of St Hubertus, which was conceived at the Bohemian Club Encampment.

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I realize that you are ridiculing me, but will answer anyway.
Cheney is on the first chart, as he was Sec of Defense at the time. He has also openly spoken about being a chairman of CFR.
George W. doesn’t fit the time line. The first one is from the 90s and the second from 2010. But his dad is on both charts.
No idea about Scalia. But st Hubertus is mentioned in several articles regarding his death.
Ridicule me all you want, especially while pretending that you have a choice in this political process.

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@SquirrelEStuff I didn’t “ridicule” you, I pointed out that the charts are one sided and incomplete. And if one feels that there is a cabal, one must recognize that it is not out in the open.

I could not see any mention of the Carlyle Group, but they have done more damage in the last 30 years than anything on your charts. George H. W. Bush and the Carlyle Group is and was partners with the bin Laden Family and members of the Saudi Royal Family.

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