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Regardless of the subject, in your opinion do protesters have the right to protest at events?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19396points) March 13th, 2016

In my opinion if they did not pay for the hall they should protest outside it then.
Everyone has a right to voice their views, as long as they do it nonviolently.
What’s your opinion on this?

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In most cases I agree that if people want to protest non-violently outside an event, that’s okay. However, I don’t agree with people protesting outside abortion/pregnancy planning clinics and abusing women or doctors who enter.

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In most cases peaceful public protest should be allowed, under the grounds of free speech.

However in terms of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting on the grounds of s funeral, I dont think that is right. That should be regarded as an invasion of privacy and disturbance of peace.

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If they buy a ticket I believe they sould be allowed in. I don’t believe that they should shout out or throw tomtatoes or anything else, but they should be able to wear t-shirts with slogans and hold signs up. Being disruptive by shouting is violating the first amendment rights of the speaker on the stage. Lord knows I certainly disagree vehemently with pretty much everything Mr Drumpf says, but he is allowed freedom of speech as much as any other citizen. That old saying about; “I may not agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” sounds grand in theory but is sometimes difficult to practice. Yet it HAS to apply across the board. We are being tested here, and it is incumbent on all of us not to fail. I hope Mr Sanders takes a strong stance and actively discourages all who would represent him and speak in his name NOT to incite violence of any sort, no matter what the provocation. Protesters should take a page out of the civil rights protesters handbook and prepare to have violence visited upon them without resisting. Returning violence or inciting it dilutes and diminishes the message. We are NOT like Drumpf supporters. We CAN not be and expect to be heard.

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Protest is a form of free speech and it should be protected under the US constitution.

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I think if the event is held indoors, protesters should be kept across the street so that people may enter the venue without being yelled at or harassed in any way, or the entrance of the venue being blocked. If the venue is outside (for example a rally), and someone is giving a speech, nobody should be allowed to be so close and screaming so that the speech is disrupted.

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The right to PEACEABLY assemble is assured by the 5th amendment to the US Constitution.

Opinion does not play in.

This is not what was happening recently at You Know Who’s rally held you know where.

These thugs were staging a riot. They were inciting violence.

They showed their true colors and vivisected their credibility.

You Know Who’s right to rally is protected the same amendment and the first amendment.

The scene you know where just confirms my expectations.

Grow the fuck up.

Programming note: I will not be responding to replies based solely on characterizations of You Know Who.

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This is not really a matter of opinion. In Canada and the US, they do have the right to protest. Do I think they should have that right? Hell, yes.

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Protesting is one thing, and it seems that we’re in agreement that people have this right. What I do not believe is right or lawful is the ability to disrupt an assembly that others have organized. This is especially true if it’s a paid-for venue – and it does not enable a right for “paid ticket-holders” to disrupt the proceedings.

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Mr. Drumpf wants to wipe his ass with the 1st Amendment, so perhaps he is simply getting a taste of his own medicine.

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@CWOTUS I hope you aren’t directing your comments to me, as I’m the only one who mentioned paying for the tickets, because I clearly stated that they should NOT shout out or throw things, only stand quietly, wear slogans and carry signs.

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So long as it’s not those raggedy arsed baptist loons, then yeah, fill ya boots.

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I think protesters should not be protesting indoors at an indoor event. If they want to picket an event that’s fine. No violence though. No physically blocking people from entering the venue.

At an outdoor event that doesn’t have tickets they can hold up their signs, but they cannot be disruptive by being rude.

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