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Has a book, song or movie ever made you cry?

Asked by lugerruger (785points) March 15th, 2016

I have had 2 books make me cry, a few songs but no movies. What about you guys? Has a book, movie or song ever made you cry, if so which song/book/movie? The books that made me cry were Before I Die by Jenny Downham and Ascend by Amanda Hocking. It’s really depressing when your fictional crush dies.
So what has made you cry?

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I’m a rather hardy person. Books, movies or songs don’t make me cry easily. There is a song that made me cry though, because the lyrics told the exact feeling I was experiencing as I mourned a death.

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I dropped a bible on my foot when I was a kid, that brought a tear to my eye.

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All the time. Anything with animals. The Yearling, Lassie, Black Beauty, The Incredible Journey, Lady and the Tramp, Free Willy, Harry and Tonto. The list of animal movies that made me cry goes on and on.

Titanic. Love stories like that will do it. I can’t think of any right now but you get the drift. Movies where someone dies will do it, too.

Books and songs don’t make me cry.

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A book never has, but quite a few songs and movies have

The Land Before Time
The Lion King

Only the Good Die Young – Queen
When I Remember When – Five
The Light Behind Your Eyes – My Chemicle Romance

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I cry when any movie or TV show portrays children harmed or threatened; likely abuses experienced when I was a young child resonate. The song that suddenly brought uncontrollable sobbing when I first heard it was “Losing my religion.” I did not know why then, nor do I now.

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Steel Magnolias—Titanic—for movies
I Can Only Imagine—Tears in Heaven—Heaven is the Face—for songs

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Nearly as often as they make me laugh aloud, which is to say… more often than not.

I seem to have an easy time with the willing suspension of disbelief that is required to read fiction as a sort of immersive experience. And I don’t mind admitting it. Here, anyway.

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I teared up last week discussing a question here on Fluther when Whitney Houston came up and I played Greatest Love.

Too sad for words.

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Everything, almost. I have cried at Budweiser Clydesdale commercials. I cried in the claymation movie Chicken Run when the mean farmer’s wife took Henrietta to be made into chicken pies because she wasn’t laying enough eggs.

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I cry at everything.

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The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics is a song that made me cry whenever I heard it. Even in a crowded supermarket, for example. It was because my father passed away earlier that year, and niece had been born on the exact same day.

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Yeah..based upon the situation..don’t remember crying after reading any book though.

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All the time. Beauty, words, music can and frequently do move me to tears.

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Lots of times. I have chronic dry eye, so I love when a good book or film gives me an eye-wash.

Some examples:

Book: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

Song: Stolen Child by Loreena McKennitt – that one gets me every time.

Film: The Fountain.

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Books and films all the time. One film I watched about a Russian girl whose mother left her to emigrate with her boyfriend. Her aunt chucked her out and she turned to prostitution and got trafficked to Sweden. I was sobbing my eyes out and blubbering to my husband that it was the saddest film I’d ever seen. He was unmoved. The cold hearted bastard…

I cry at quite a lot of things like news reports and sad tales that people tell. Never cried at s song though

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@Stinley – Get him to watch Field of Dreams. That one always seems to work on the boys.

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@Seek He’s did cry when we watched Hitched with will smith. Weird. I’ve seen field of dreams. I found that film confusing. We don’t really know what the deal is with baseball over here!

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Ah, then For Love of the Game might not work, either, but that’s a love story wrapped around a baseball story, so actual knowledge of the game is somewhat less vital. Except that you would want to know what a perfect game is, I suppose.

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I don’t recall that a book ever has. However a few movies have made me cry. ‘I Know My First Name is Steven.’ Movie based on the book, is certainly one of them.

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