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Does this girl still like me?

Asked by mattyhewson (25points) March 15th, 2016

She was shown me signs of flirting- ie. smiling, staring, laughing, touching etc so i told her i like her, she said she has a boyfriend and she is not sure if she likes me more than friends… but she still stares at me, and touches me, initiates convo etc. Should I ever tell her i like her again? Or should I just leave it and wait for her to tell me?

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Nobody on the internet can answer that question, and frankly, nobody that you know can answer that question except the girl herself. Why not ask her?

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Well I already did and she said shes not sure..and she had a bf at the time, i dont know if i should risk more awkwardness between us by asking her again. Should she not be the one making a move now

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I think that maybe wait until your 16th birthday and mention it again.

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If she has a boyfriend, raising it again will create awkwardness. Just stay friends and see what happens; don’t push anything on her or you’ll drive her away.

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If she still has a boyfriend, then she doesn’t like you more than she likes him.

What do you mean by “touches” you? Are you friends with her?

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I have more than a few friends. I laugh, talk with, and look at them. I often touch them or hug them. Occasional dirty jokes are made.

I have no intention of dating all of them. For one, that would offend my significant other. For two, who has time for that kind of social life?

Minor passive flirtation does not a relationship make. If she said she’s not interested, she’s not interested.

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She didn’t say shes not interested..she said she is not sure.

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If any girl, ever, says “I have a boyfriend”, she is saying “I’m not interested”.

That goes for whether she actually has a boyfriend or not. We do this because some penis-wielders don’t know how to take “no” for an answer.

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^ Gender stereotyping aside, ouch.

The OP did not mention anyone aiming to bed the other.

My now wife was seeing another man when we slowly got to know each other online.

She frequently expressed her dissatisfaction with this guy. He was not abusive, but possibly even worse he was a spineless bore.

As she and I fell in love her boyfriend was making cowardly attempts to end their relationship by simply not being available. The day came when she hunted him down in order to announce that they were done. She called me right after, feeling like she had just been paroled. There was a lovely full moon that night.

We’ve been married for 8 years now and couldn’t be happier.

“Penis Wielders.”

Sure, I’m more than happy to wield it like any proper swordsman.

If you’d like nearly any other style of approach I’m happy to oblige you.

“I have a boyfriend” does not equal “STOP, Get off me, I do not want to do this.”

Sex (at least for now) involves a verbal contract. Plain language is necessary.

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Its one thing to talk but its altogether another when touching is involvedIt means that she wants you to get comfortable with her touching you.
I wonder If she would do that in front of her boyfriend?
Worse If she would do that behind your back when and if she dates you?
never mind what she is doing…make up your own mind and have boundaries.

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