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Can Putin legitimately declare "mission accomplished" in Syria?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) March 15th, 2016

If legitimate, this strategy seems the opposite of American [Western] engagements where the military ‘support’ drags on for years or decades.

Mr. Putin decided the withdrawal was justified by the “overall completion” of Moscow’s military mission in Syria. “I consider the mission set for the Defense Ministry and the armed forces on the whole has been accomplished,” he said at a meeting at the Kremlin.

The news on Monday, relayed personally to the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, in a telephone call from Putin, followed a meeting in the Kremlin with the Russian defence and foreign ministers.

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Since we really don’t know what his mission was, we really can’t be sure that it was accomplished. It may be as simple as money – the Russian economy is operating well in the red, and maybe he decided they were spending too much in Syria.

Or maybe it was lik the US leaving Viet Name in 1974 – we declared victory and left.

I would be deeply suspicious of anything Putin said,.

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^^Agreed. Since when is Putin concerned with legitimacy? That’s the main problem one comes up against when dealing with him. He’s the Don Corleone of the Superpowers.

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Depends what his mission was.

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Putin can declare a Magic Kingdom in Syria, for all I know. He might have to fight off the Disney attorneys in that case, who could probably mount a hella better fight against him than ISIS. Who’s to say what is “legitimate” in terms of some other country’s political leader making pronouncements?

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Only Putin would know that as it’s not clear what the mission was in the first place.

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He can’t believe it himself as he is continuing to bomb

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He accomplished plenty

He tipped the scales back in favor of the Assad family, thus making sure he keeps bases (and electronic surveilance) in Latakia and Tartus.

He found out what the West probably will or will not do when the Russians move in the Middle East.

He got to try out and demo some new military gear. Sales on the market to follow.

The problem is, these things cost money. The Russians are out of money.

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My guess is that the “mission” is about stability on Russia’s Southern border. Never mind that the most assured and efficient method of achieving this is to back the ruthless iron fisted strong man. Now that the strong man is on top and the strong man’s conduct of the war is in the relatively competent hands of the Iranians, Russian has the leeway to allow the Muslims to slaughter one another exclusively.

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GA @josie.
Excellent points. Thanks!

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He can make any declaration he wants. Truth is another question.

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Do you seriously believe that Putin was going to show up at any International situational talks with everyone else?
A ‘process’ without him present?
The hardliner isn’t discussing anything… as has been worked out prior to his announcement. (As per ‘status quo’)
Anyone catch the distinct lack of turmoil at his announcements before these meetings?
From any other power-player?
Strategic foreplay.
ISIS activates Chechnyan cells. -within 2 weeks “talks” -Putin isn’t reorganizing nor shifting his emphasis. He’d be swatting gnats constantly!
Listen to what he says will change with the Russian participation.
Why would you possibly Not Want massive bombings done Russian -style?

Putin’s actions also provides an imbalance of participants in meeting.
Soooo who would be better to negotiate with if he’s not present?

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So no one gets all worked up.
Pretty comprehensive:

Russia begins withdrawing forces from Syria

The only inconsistent point is via Strauss in his statements as to catching the US unaware of Putin’s imminent announcement. Articles to the contrary are easily found concerning this point. Those you get on your own.

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