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Have doctors ever sent you on a wild goose chase?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) March 16th, 2016

Did you ever find yourself running round trying to do what they say and finally not only not solving your problem but also coming out even more lost and confused?

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At least once a week while working as a nurse in hospitals.

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They have tried.

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All the time. Doctors suck.

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I feel like this happens every time I go to a doctor. Somehow I end up seeing several other doctors and I end up on a hamster wheel of appointments and tests (and bills) and never end up getting anywhere. I have spent the last couple of years in this perpetual state of waiting for doctor’s appointments and I feel like next to nothing has been resolved. Very frustrating.

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Not all doctors suck, I swear. I know several awesome docs (cough, @Rarebear, cough) and am lucky enough to have a great one, myself! But…if it’s anything out of the ordinary, I do feel like I’m going to lots of specialists and getting lots of tests, and never getting much of an answer. :(

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I went through a 10 year wild goose chase from one doctor to another, across 4 states, until last year. I felt something was wrong, but couldn’t get answers. Last year, I got a new insurance plan, and with that, I got a new doctor who ordered a full-spectrum blood test and diagnosed me with severe anemia. My iron levels were so low, just a notch above life-threatening.

That was treated, and wow… a heavy fog lifted from my head. Doctors have a very limited range of what they know, or what they remember from medical school. It’s unfortunately a hit and miss to get the right diagnosis and treatment for many conditions.

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@linguaphile: Wow! None of the other doctors tested your iron level when they did blood work?

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@jca No, they only tested my A1C, cholesterol, and thyroid. I would think Iron levels would be automatically checked, but not in my case.

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