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Is the Disney retelling of Hercules culturally offensive to the Greeks?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) March 16th, 2016

I’ve heard many people say they found it very stereotypical and inaccurate to the original mythology of Hercules

Here is a clip of Disney’s Hercules

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Not half as offensive as Dick Van Duck’s accent in Mary Poppins was to the cockneys.

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@ucme Gawww ye don mean dat gov? jk

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@NerdyKeith That was marginally better than his ;-}

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Since the Greeks are mostly Greek Orthodox, I would think they are just fine with the Disney Version. That’s just my guess. I’m not Greek.

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Likewise: Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, etc.

Let’s be honest: the actual Heracles myth is not exactly child-friendly. Heracles murdered his own children in a fit of goddess-driven rage, and then had to atone by performing a lot of very violent labors.

I can see why they dolled it up all kiddie-style for that release.

I rather like the gospel-singing muses.

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Probably the best answer would come from doing a survey of Greeks. And of course like any nationality, you’d find a wide range of opinions..

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Since when is Walt concerned about offending people?

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I just surveyed my Greek buddy. He’s got a little daughter. He asked his buddies. They laughed. They have so much realworld shit to deal with right now, they find it really puzzling that, of all things Greek, this is what is being discussed by the rest of the world. What a luxury. The answer is Get Real.

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I suspect that the Chrisitanization of Greece has long since separated most Greeks from their identification and sanctification of the ancient mythology. Anyone who knows much anything of the actual myth, though, is going to realize the Disney’s Hercules is just borrowing the name and rough outline for the purpose of making yet another Disney musical comedy for kids and its own cartoon copyright product empire. It’s more generic American musical cartoon than it is Greek myth. I’d say it is mildly culturally offensive, but in an annoying way. I expect Zeus merely burps with contempt at the thought of it.

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Nah. Getting offended at every slight little thing is for Americans.

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