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New Open-Air Urinal In San Francisco. Men, would you use this?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2958points) March 16th, 2016

I just saw this posted a couple month ago, and thought I’d ask about it here too:

I think I’d personally feel too awkward to try to use it. I don’t normally mind urinals, but I see this one as too open and out in the public. Fellow men: Thoughts, and could/would you?

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Not happening. I would rather find a dumpster to piss behind.

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I don’t think the average person in this city has any idea of the urgent need for public restrooms in the town. The evidence is considerable and compelling once you understand what to notice. I find it curious that the Board of Supervisors in has not received more pressure from both citizens and business interests to address the issue.

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Only in the event of an extreme panic whiz. Still, I would try to stand on the raised curb somehow.

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Great, so you can smell the pee as you stand around waiting. I remember growing up in NYC and the bathroom doors being open in the train station to the men’s bathroom. On hot days you could choke on the urine smell coming from those bathrooms. Outside may be a little better but on a hot day it won’t be too much better.
Can’t hold it? There is such a thing as adult diapers.

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They forgot to build the rest of it, looks like.

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That’s just a fence with a bit of plastic on it! The pissoirs in France are more substantial than that. The idea is fine, but if you’re going to do it, do it properly.

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It depends on whether the wind is blowing or not.

Then again, I used to share a “bedroom” with ~400 other guys and because of the relative locations of our berthing and our head, pretty much anyone in the starboard chowline at breakfast, dinner or mid-rats would see at least one guy with nothing but towel and shower shoes going between the two places. It’s safe to say that I am a little less modest than most after a few years of that.

@Pandora Spoken like someone who has never had such an emergency in their lives and is 150% certain they never will.

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They just need to extend that tarp around a little more. It would beat pissing behind some bushes

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It’s good that they’ve recognised the need for public toilets but a pity they have done so little about it. The tarpaulin doesn’t even go all the way around for heaven’s sake.

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I don’t understand the concept. Is it complete, because none of the Google images resemble it in structure. There are stylish examples with nearly the same footprint.

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It sounds like you three are surprised that the US would do something that works for other places in a half-assed manner that “proves” other places are doing it wrong.

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The city planted vines around the screen. When they grow taller they should provide more coverage.
It might not be as bad as it looks now. Immature, not half-assed, @jerv.

I can’t find if the threatened lawsuit materialized or not.

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I find as I get older those panic pee’s come along a lot more frequently. Consequently you see a lot of old people with UTI’s because there is no place to run to and maintain any semblance of dignity. I certainly would think twice if I were panicking and it was windy on this particular example. I would self catheterize myself first. And avoid grey trousers.

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Back in the old west, a big hole would be dug out behind the saloons. The hole would be filled with rock, have fence posts erected around it, and a rope tied to the fence posts so the saloon patrons would have something to hold onto while they pissed into the hole. (No outhouse could hold all the drunks or all the piss. This is why the big hole was needed.) If the old timers could do it, so could I and everyone else.

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@kritiper This is an old question, but glad you answered. I take it you are serious, but wow. And I thought the trough urinals were bad.

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@nightwolf5 I’m serious. I asked my dad about this issue some years before he passed.
My dad spent several summers with his grandmother and her husband near Gillette, Wyoming. Her husband was John Harrelll one of the last of the old west’s cowboys. He probably knew some outlaws and may have participated in some way in the Johnson County War. Dad learned a whole lot about the old west from John Harrell.

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