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Ever wonder if "you" started "that" fashion trend?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) July 26th, 2008

walked out the house today, not thinking much about what i had on. wow, everybody keeps taking double looks! is there something stuck in my teeth or is it what i’m wearing? are you a trendsetter? what do you wear all the time that can be a revolutionary fashion statement?

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Spandex – 1983 that was all me.

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Fashion? What is fashion? Hey,cc34, maybe you just looked hot. What trend so you think they were spotting?

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@super: wow that was you? you should be rich by now.

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Mine wasn’t exactly clothes, more hair.
I started wearing my hair with the top, front section pulled back in a barrette. A few weeks later, I had one of the “popular” girls fighting with me that she came up with the hairstyle first; note: she had the exact same barrette as me.
It might have been just in school, but more than half of the girls in school have now worn their hair like that at least once.

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@marina: it was only a hershey brown t-shirt with a yellow logo of a movie about swimmers.

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Does it count that I wore loud prints, lime green and orange and brown, paisleys in the 60s and they are now trendy again? (And still just as ugly.)

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@marina: yes, that counts! ugly or even “gaudy” or “garrish” is the new trend.

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I am proud to say that I started the mullet trend. Yep, me as a 6th grader asked for the sides to be short and the back to be long! I even got my toddler nephew’s hair cut into a wicked mini-mullet! Oh yeah, you can all thank me the next time you peep that female cop with the wicked she-cop permed mullet. Rock on gimmedat!

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Oh, and the inspiration for that mullet? The EL CAMINO! The front is where you drive, the back is where you EL CAMINO!

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Congrats, gimmedat

I recently decided to change my avatar… seemed to inspire a few other flutherers – does that count?

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I’m a follower, not a trend setter…=(

WF and I match!

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use of my dog as my avatar.
Soon some did too.

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The whole zebra stripe thing. Purses, shoes, clothing, the front of go-go bars, blankets, seat covers for your car, glass ornaments, stuffed animals, etc. That was me, I started it back in 1991. Now you know who is to blame for that. I’m so ashamed.

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