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Is this just a coincidence....seizures?

Asked by MooCows (3190points) March 17th, 2016

A couple of weeks ago i wrote here about my miniature schnauzer having her first seizure. Now today my border collie had his first seizure. I think it is too weird that both my dogs have had their first seizure 2 weeks apart. What do I look for that is doing this..anyone give me an idea?

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Are your dogs watching the flashing lights on TV? They can cause seizures. A trip to the vet seems to be in order. I hope it works out and just an allergy .

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I took the schnauzer and had a complete blood work up done and could find nothing.
The schnauzer stays inside and collie outside so I don’t think it is something they
are getting into but I still think it is strange. I have had dogs all my life and have
never had a dog with seizures. Now I have 2. I guess there isn’t an outright answer
for this strangeness!

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Flashing lights cause seizures in people (and probably animals too) who have epilepsy. Otherwise, they shouldn’t cause seizures.

I think it might be a virus. Have either been sick with a fever?

Did they recently have vaccinations?

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No fever and no vaccinations that we know of.
This is one I will def loose sleep over.

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Ugh. There had to have been some “event” as my husband would call it, but you’ll probably never know. A girlfriend of mine had her daughter when she was 4 and her best friend both get sick and both had seizures. Neither had very high fevers with the illness. The other girl just had the one. My girlfriend’s daughter seemed to have a couple more, they suspected that was what was happening. She went through several tests and in the end hasn’t had a problem since. She is 12 now. It was weird. Having a febrile seizure isn’t that. Weird, but they didn’t have high fevers and it usually happens in infants when related to fever.

This same girlfriend and I were diagnosed with thyroid problems within a few weeks of each other and I had just visited her 2 months before. I had had my thyroid tested by happenstance a month before visiting along with other regular tests, and it was perfectly normal.

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Are they both eating the same food?

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Good point about the food.

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Also, were pesticides recently sprayed or put down on the lawn or in the house?

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Vet time. All the above are good answers, but if you value your dogs at all, it’s vet time. Now.

And if they’ve been exposed to organo-phosphates as suggested above, you might want to get a blood test as well. Sometimes our pets serve as canaries in the mine.

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At minimum call the vet and make sure he checked for poisons when he did the blood work on the one dog.

These dogs might be helping you. Their illness might be a warning something is wrong in the house and possibly could harm you.

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I have two vets in my family. I’m mention this on facebook and see what they say. But I’d say get them to a vet. If it is both dogs, the vet will have a different view of a diagnosis, (ie environmental and dietary as opposed to unique disease)

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I thought the vet would look at it differently too since it happened 1st time for both dogs and 2 weeks apart. One dog an inside dog and the collie a strickly outside dog. We use no chemicals on our pastures because we sell all natural meats so no chemicals on our farm or given to any of our farm animals. I was thinking environment or dietary too. Yes I am afraid this is a warning that something IS wrong in our house and could harm us. Just do not know what to look for.
Collie had another seizure this morning…..Appt at vet for 1:00pm today. It is frustrating because they can’t say he has this and give her this but can rule out other things so I guess that is better than nothing. Our collie we use as a working down on the farm and he loves his work! Too strange until I get some kind of answer from vet and worried somehow my house is contaminated. Thank you friends for everything you have thrown out there for us to analyze.

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Is this your usual large-animal vet? You might get a second opinion from a small pet vet. Please let us know how this turns out.

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Unless you have some sort of toxin around your house that the dogs are getting into, it’s a coincidence.

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The vet didnt see anything unusual in my collies blood work today and he had
no temperature. The vet checked him thoroughly and one of his ears seemed
painful. Vet couldn’t “see’ anything in his hear so thought maybe his inner
ear had some kind of infection. Our collie still cannot walk completely straight
from yesterday afternoons seizure. Maybe the inner ear balance is off so vet
gave Hank a steroid shot and 3 kinds of antibiotics for him. The vet also could
not come up with a reason both dogs had seizures. He checked both blood
samples for any signs of poisonings and found none. So let’s wait and see if
the mutt farm dog Texas has a seizure. Now THAT will be much more of a
coincidence and too strange to be real.

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Thanks for the update. This sort of mystery is awful. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence. Two dogs start having seizures within a couple of weeks and the seizures are idiopathic. No. It’s just a matter of the vet not having a medical answer, but I think it’s all connected.

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JLeslie…..where would you go from here?
Should I be worried because I don’t have a black and white medical answer
for this situation? Are seizures not something that has that type of answer?
Why doesn’t the vet have a medical answer….because we did not do a brain
scan or a spinal tap or something of that force to figure this out? I love
my dogs but it is hard to live with 2 dogs that are seizuring and the seizure
meds if you decide to give them HAVE to be given every 12 hours on the dot.
My husband and I are beside ourselves on what to do and how much money
we can spend on this situation.

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Do the dogs continue to have seizures? Or, they each had just the one? I don’t think I know all the details. Did you recently adopt them?

Sometimes medicine just doesn’t know why. It sucks. The only thing I can think to do is get a second opinion. I know very little about seizures, and very little about dogs. I just think things are rarely a coincidence, and I know sometimes doctors don’t figure things out.

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It sounds like you’re describing vestibular disease in the border collie, which is not actually seizure activity. During the initial attack, they can roll and thrash and look very much like a seizure. Does he have nystagmous?

MooCows's avatar are my answer to prayer! I looked up Vestibular disease and I believe that is
exactly what my border collie has. Old dog disease! A vet I listened to concerning this
did give the dog a steroid and antibiotics just like my vet did. Sure wish my vet would
have given me this old dog disease to at least now i can be much more comfortable
with it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It is just so much easier when you
know what you are working with. Thank you for understanding how serious this was
for us and helping our family with it and Hank too!

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