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What do you think will be the next major advancement in technology?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) July 26th, 2008

What will be the next big thing to sit right next to cell phones, laptops, flash drives, and the digital camera in the revolutionary technology hall of fame?

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Virtual Reality Internet or Hologram Reality

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Sharks with freakin’ lasers attached to their heads (I’m watching Austin Powers right now).

Seriosly I’m hoping for more technologies to use 3D. Like to control computers or for entertainment.

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a small implant that can instantly make breasts grow and shrink…got a job interview ? make em grow, making dinner, shrink em down…on a date with iwamoto ? that’s right, make em grow

that would be a major improvement :)

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I think phones will use internet connections and land lines will be history.

Also think newspapers are well on their way to becoming electronic subscriptions and the paper versions will be extinct within 10 years.

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I second dog. We will get most of our media through the computer (hooked up to the TV of course). What I would like to see is some medical breakthroughs. Its amazing what they are doing with artificial limbs and organs; science is making blind people see and deaf people hear. I’d like to see the technology advance far enough that we can stop using animals for medical testing and body parts. :(

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Wireless energy FTW!

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Something better than Wireless N, that can incorporate wireless energy and can share itself for miles and miles.

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Holograms, they exist and they’re in production, they just cost a lot of money :( lol

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Photo Voltaic building materials. Latex paint that generates power on the side of your house when painted over circuits. Ah and my personal project. Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved. – Where in solar “trees” built to scale, are actually solar generators. small photovoltaic cells that are the leafs, kinetic energy generators for when the leaves are moved in the wind, and it also acts as a water heater and pumping system. This way power production can be sightly and more officiant. Sun tracking models will allow for most sun light absorption when placing one of them in any latitude. . Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved

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@ Scrumpulator

Make that tree thing happen. It’s an intesting idea especially if the “trees” looked good on the lawn.

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a society less dependent

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Anti-gravity. People are far too serious.

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Whatever happened to Woody Allen’s Orgasmatron ?

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Well, first will probably be cloud computing and a revamping of the internet and of the processor – we’re running out of space on the silicon microchip, so we’ll probably move to quantum or biological computing. Then, or simultaneously, Artificial Intelligence and Brain-Machine Interfacing.

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Computer with the mental capacity of a human brain. Then to further that, a computer with the mental capacity of the human race combined.

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