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Does anyone have the issue where their head shakes for no reason?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) July 26th, 2008
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Yes. (nodding uncontrollably)

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I think people with Parkinson’s have that issue.

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There was a question here about hand tremors that were non-Parkinsonian. I will not be able to find it, of course, but here is some accurate medical information.

No joking matter, BTW.

Got it. BRi_L asked about Essential Tremors

My father had Parkinson’s and had no tremors, just terrible stiffness and trouble walking and changing directions (and eventually severe restless legs that made sleeping difficult.)

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@ to cute: why did you ask?

“to” = towards
“too” = excessively

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Yeah….......that’s not good, you should go to a doctor ASAP!

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i think i messed up a muscle in my neck when i got pulled off the couch my neck went one way and body other, but i was just wondering if it happens to someone else too

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how old are you?

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A little too young for parkinson, but you should still see a doctor, it might be serious.

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