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What would your last "good day" look like?

Asked by janbb (57175points) March 18th, 2016

Reading a great book called “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawunde, a surgeon. It is about how we have made aging and dying a medical problem in America rather than a part of life. He states that taking a person’s autonomy and life priorities into account when they are dying is more important than keeping them safe.

One of the concepts he talks about is having “good days” toward the end – days that are filled as much as possible with what is meaningful for you in your life.

Got me fantasizing about what my last good day would look like – given a modicum of mobility and mental clarity.

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Watch a good old movie with a long-time friend, have a nice lunch, take a nap with my cat purring next to me… never wake up.

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Mine would be a picnic at one of my favorite parks with my kids and grandkids, cousins and friends. Lots of good food – if I could still eat; talking and music. Some of my musical friends would bring instruments and we play and sing. Time for one on one talk with individuals too. Lots of hugging and kissing and laughing. And dogs. Maybe a walk by a stream if I could still walk. A bonfire and marshmallows at dusk and reading to my grandkids. Then maybe home and cuddle up with a lover. No cords or bags or strings attached.

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Being outside, smelling fresh air, feeling whatever the weather is on my face.

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My last good day would be after I had passed on, or rather died. At the funeral service I would leave instructions that my coffin should be carried to a nearby park accompanied by all the mourners. Once they had reached the specified place they would be told to open the coffin which would be empty but for bottles of wine, fresh bread, picnic hampers, a personal card and perhaps a small present for each of the mourners. That way I will always have a good day to look forward to.

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Yes, being outside on a perfect day like today. Sunny, slight breeze, fluffy clouds going by, hovering around 72 degrees. Being with my daughter, sharing memories.
Then at the end of the day a Happy Brownie, a delicious last supper, a long, hot, bubble bath cuddle up with the kitties and… lights out.

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It would involve sailing on a trimaran, laying out on the nets with the waves spraying up, the warm wind blowing and the cold beer in my hand.

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@Here2_4 Kinky! lol It would be much better naked. Pasta in the buff.

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I don’t think about death much. I really don’t. I’m too busy living.

I suppose I’m like @janbb. I want to go on a picnic with lots of fun and good food. I’ll take a nap in the shade and not wake up.

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Well, maybe I’d like to get as much of my loved one around me as possible and write down all of my dreams and wishes and ask them to help me fulfill them after I die.

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No last day. Just to fall asleep the night before and simply not wake up the next day. No need to do or say anything more, it’s all pointless in the long run.

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Talking, laughing, cuddling and love with my daughters and my husband. Time alone at the end of the day to reflect, read a good book and drift off to sleep.

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I don’t think I’d want to know it was my last. Part of the “good day-ness” would be the idea that more are on the horizon.

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It will more than likely be a heart attack, which isn’t a bad way to go. I’d like it to be on a pretty day while I’m either sailing or riding a horse—two things I love. With a good friend or lover, if it doesn’t freak them out too much.

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@Espiritus_Corvus From personal experience I can assure you it will freak them out and they will carry that image until they follow in your footsteps.

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Probably one of my favorite depictions of a good last day is the last day of Don Corleone, playing in the vineyards with his grandson, nothing on his mind but joy. I’m nothing like the Don was, but I saw that and thought, “what a beautiful way to go!?

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Just being with my girlfriend. Wing it from there. I just would like to be with her on my last good day. Like Mark Twain wrote: “Wheresoever she was, there was Eden.”

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Z is for Zasu Pitts, in “Niagara Falls” (1941).

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A big celebration party with all my fave foods. yummm.

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