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Who is your favourite actor and why?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5451points) March 18th, 2016

Mine is Jonny Depp due to him being so very versatile with his large variety of different roles.

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Christopher Lloyd. Dr. Emmitt Brown and Kang.

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Robert DeNiro.

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One of my favorite actors is Jim Carrey. He’s hilarious and dorky, but he has played some very impressive serious roles too. It really shows his talent. That and I think he’s adorkably handsome.

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Krudge not Kang .

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Johnny Depp. He is adorable, and he has performed so many different character types quite convincingly. Don Juan DiMarco, Edward Scissorhands, the Mad Hatter, Captain Jack Sparrow, Gilbert Grape, are only a few of the characters he has given life.

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Keanu Reeves.

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Barack Obama
Went to Occidental College, checked the box and wound up at Columbia, then Harvard. Even Ronald Reagan, an equally bad actor, had no law degree.

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I don’t have one.

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Meryl Streep.

She is superlative in everything she touches.

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James Wood. He is one of those actors who becomes one with the characters every time he acts, especially the antagonists. His appearance always scream “DON’T MESS WITH ME” in most movies he is in.

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Jack Nicholson.

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