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Do you think cinemas should offer a better variety of healthy snacks?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 18th, 2016

I realise I’ve previously asked a question about cinemas and movie theatres. But this is more about the variety of food they supply.

So do you think they should have more healthy options?

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Um, I need to take out a loan now, can you imagine the cost of a nice wedge salad? At best, they should just get rid of everything but popcorn, soda and stupid little candy in a box. They have freaking full meals at the bistro, alcoholic drinks, and most recently I noticed pretzel nubs that you get with a cup of freaking melted cheese like substance. I can just IMAGINE the mess left behind by some fool just-a snarfing it all down. A movie only lasts two hours for pete’s sake. Can ya fucking wait to tie the feed bag on until AFTER? Who seriously tries to eat food while watching a movie? Thinking about my yummy wedge salad; I need a plate, knife and fork, table and napkin. I need to see it when I cut off a chunk and I also need to see the dressing if I’m to properly swirl my lettuce in it. How can I do that in a dark theatre? Are we going to turn the lights on and stop the movie while I try to find the chunk that inevetably fell off my fork? It’s an exe!rcise in futility. I won’t have it I tell you!

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@Jak To be fair, there is still a lot of people who enjoy eating food while watching a movie.

I’m not suggesting that cinemas be expected to offer big salads. I’m thinking more on the lines of frozen yogurt, regular fruit yogurt with granola, small packets of fruit etc. Something simple yet healthy at the same time.

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But “Should” indicates a normative statement.
All sorts of things ‘should” be true, but the fact is they are not.
So, I suspect that movie theaters should sell more broccoli, but nobody will buy it.
So, it follows that they should not sell broccoli.
But these days, that equation is irrelevant.
So, I guess we should force cinemas to sell better food.
Force is a wonderful thing, don’t you agree?

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While I am one of the people who do eat in the cinema (an ice cream), I don’t go to the cinema to eat, so no. If you want to eat a healthy snack, take a banana or whatever in with you.

As I mentioned on your other thread, if you want to pay to go to a Gold Class session, you can choose a complete meal from the menu plus alcoholic drinks. Don’t they have this option in Ireland? I wouldn’t call it ‘healthy food’, but it’s a treat. It’s not meant to be your regular diet.

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@josie I would not force them to do anything. I would appeal for them to consider it however.

Lol of course I’m not expecting them to offer broccoli; but yogurts and fruit portions as I’ve already suggested to Jak.


I have never seen any cinema in Ireland offer a “Gold Class Session”.

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No. It is not the business of the theater to make me healthy. It isn’t the responsibility of government either.

People want sweet or salty comfort food at the theater. They don’t want fruit.

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If the quality is equivalent to the already pricy price then no.

I also believe that different cinema provides different types of local snacks , aside from the regular popcorn, soda, etc.

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No. I don’t think going to the movies should be a food fest. I go to movies to see the movie and if someone is in front of me munching on carrots I would be annoyed.

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My favorite movie theatre is the Tampa Pitcher Show. It’s a bar in the front, movie theater in the back. So you go in, have a couple of cocktails and a plate of potato skins, and get your chatting time in with your companion. Then, when you’re done, movie time.

Last thing I want is to have to listen to celery crunching or people trying to mix chia seeds into their superfood yogurt during the show.

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I usually try not to eat at the movies for two reasons. 1 because of the price and 2 because it’s all bad stuff. As for “should they offer a better variety,” yogurt requires refrigeration, things like carrots don’t stay fresh, and I’m not sure what else there could be that’s a snack food.

I am one who feels like if you want something specific, just bring it in or wait till later.

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One reason I like having a kid: if I bring food in, I’m “concerned about my child’s strict diet” and then I’m an annoying yuppie mom, and not just a cheapskate

I did the same thing at Disney World. I checked ahead: bringing your own food is allowed there.

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I don’t go to cinemas and if I did, I would not eat there. I always wondered why people couldn’t go and watch a two hour film without eating.

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