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How have you avoided a potentially embarrassing moment?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) March 19th, 2016

There have been some particularly tasty bean products available lately, including Aldi Creole Red Beans and Beanitos at Big Lots. Consequently I’ve had some pretty deadly gas.

I took my car into the shop today and they replaced the alternator. When the mechanic got done, he pulled the car around, left it running, and walked around it.
When we came in, we asked him what he was doing.
“Smelling the exhaust.”
“When I got in the car, I thought it smelled a bit like sulfur, and that can be a sign of a clogged catalytic converter. I smelled the exhaust, though, and it seemed okay.”

I didn’t even blush, but paid, thanked them, and left.
With the window down.

Care to share?

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@ibstubro that sounds like a great attempt at a dodge. I love it. I don’t think I could come close with any story I might recall.

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Not answering questions like this.

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I generally go charging into them like the Kool-Aid Man.

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OMG! I got some of those Beanitos chips at the 99 Cent Only Store. They’re now about my most favorite chips. Luckily, I am not prone to being gassy, despite the fact that I eat a very high fiber diet. Also, we’re getting an Aldi’s. Yay!

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Big Lot’s is selling Beanitos for $2.00 a bag, @Kardamom. I’ve about bought the local store out.
Aldi is super-great. My source for ready-to-eat cheap fruits and veggies.

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Try drinking mint tea. It helps get rid of gas and possibly will keep it from smelling so bad. Also eat less red meat and fatty fried foods.

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