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LGBTQ, what does Gay Pride mean to you?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 19th, 2016

For me it is a celebration of the progress we have accomplished in terms of equality and civil rights. It is also a way to celebrate self acceptance.

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I agree. It’s celebrating self-acceptance. It can also be seen as celebrating survival. After eons in the shadows, we’re finally in the light.

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I am not gay, so you can discount my answers if you wish.

But as a non-gay person who is highly supportive of the gay community, I see Gay Pride as way to honor the accomplishments and progress of the last 30+ years, and to celebrate one’s own identity without being in the shadows that were required for so long.

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I’m not gay, I am American, and I see it as celebrating identity, acknowledging history, tradition, and struggle, and having an opportunity for all communities to come out and celebrate with you. Just like St. Patty’s Day celebrations, and Christmas Parades, and everything else.

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To me, it means self-acceptance and it means not being ashamed. No one can make me feel ashamed for being homosexual.

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A parade and half nude men walking around. <<Shrug>>

Edit::I know, it’s about visibility and acceptance and all that shite, and I do my “gay duty” and attend, but the parade is more of a sideshow, IMO.

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@tinyfaery Oh no. Sorry to hear thats the impression you got from pride. Thats not the intention of it at all.

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