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Those who are religious & gay, how do you balance your beliefs while accepting your sexuality?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 20th, 2016

For those of you who are gay and religious at the same time, do you find it difficult to balance your faith and self acceptance. For those of you who are transgender and religious; same question.

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I’m not gay or religious, but I will say some of my gay, Catholic, friends, and relatives are friends with the “gay” Priests. So many Priests are gay. Also, Catholic friends of mine don’t worry about the church’s stance on being gay, just like other friends of mine take birth control. I think they simply were raised Catholic, identify Catholic, and take from the religion what suits them. Part of that is a belief in God, and comfort in the rituals and traditions.

I also know plenty of gay people who left the religion they were raised in primarily because the religion is unfriendly to gay people.

Lastly, I have some friends who go to gay churches.

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I guess it depends on where you worship.
At the United Church of Christ we celebrate these differences.
Nothing at all to reconcile.

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Well, Jesus was super gay and had 12 boyfriends, so it is all good.

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No one balances beliefs. If you believe, you believe. And you live accordingly. No balancing. No tweaking a belief so that you can live your urge with no guilt.

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I tend to agree with @disquisitive. What I believe does not prevent me from accepting my homosexuality, but for some people, there’s no choice but ignore those urges, if you truly believe that to act on them is sinful.

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@DominicY Out of curiosity what do you believe?

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