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Trump or Cruz, aren't the Republicans screwed either way come November?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22358points) March 20th, 2016

What possible way out is there at this stage?

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I’ll answer this way: Hillary is laughing, and picking out her inauguration dress.

They beauty of this election process is that Clinton didn’t need to engage in any dirty tricks in order to beat the republicans. They did it to themselves.

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There is the possibility of some placeholder being named is still out here, Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney again.

I’d almost prefer Trump to Cruz because the nomination of Cruz would give him an idea he was legitimate.

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Trump, Cruz, Clinton…I think the whole country is screwed either way come November.

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Do not underestimate the fervour of the right wing extremist republican base.
A few months ago, you all thought it impossible that Trump could be the republican nominee.

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@ragingloli I for one, don’t.

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Yeah, I think the Republicans are screwed.

All the choices suck.

I think a lot of people are agreeing with @zenvelo about Cruz being the scariest.

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