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Where is the strangest place you have fluthered from?

Asked by Dog (25132points) July 26th, 2008

With iPhones and wi-fi and the somewhat addictive nature of Fluther where is the strangest place you have fluthered from?

As an example I fluthered from Hells Kitchen at 3am because I was stuck on PST.

I am sure you guys can top that easy.

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I’ve Fluthered in my car in traffic, I have an iPod and it was slow. I managed to answer and everything!

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I havent, but someone i know on here fluthered from a Justice concert. They were part of some stupid MySpace tour, so they had computers there set up to only acess MySpace, but he found away around it and was on fluther. Got yelled at by the stupid guy watching the computers there though lol.

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I have fluthered from the moon.

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A gated Christian community.

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On the toilet//

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@crunch Me too, but I didn’t want to say it. TMI?

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This ties into a question I previously asked: The place I fluther from most is the toilet… typically naked as I am now.

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No.. That’s TMI ^^....

I’ve fluthered while driving. Bad I know.

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I’d have to go with doctor’s waiting room – beats the 2 year old OK, Hello or Good Housekeeping magazines!

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At a rave…my buddy won free show tix, and being an oldie, I sat up in the bleachers and Fluthered to Moby live!

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Moby must have been incredible if you felt compelled to Fluther at a concert.

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yeah ~incredible

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I often get the urge to fluther at church but I somehow resist. I think if I ever do that will be the sign I truly am addicted.

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The middle of the road, I just didn’t want to drive for a while, I fluthered while I was staring at the most amazing sunset I’ve seen in years :)

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El bano.

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On the couch

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I’m in the dentist’s chair!

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