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What is the most annoying sound in the world to you?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) July 26th, 2008

Watching Jim Carrey in the classic Dumb & Dumber make the most annoying sound tonight made me wonder this question.

I think for me it is the sound cats make when they fight.

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My alarm clock!

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maybe it was from riding in the back of the car with the cheap-o drink cooler on family trips but I hate the sound of styrofoam squeaking

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Babies crying. Really. Its one of the reasons I do not want children. And the sound of a metal spoon on metal cookware; if I were a cat, my ears would twitch

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@uber Why would you do that to yourself? Just horrible.

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Ooh – that feeling of metal in your mouth if you have fillings. I can’t imagine the sound. It makes me hurt.

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any song from the ipod at the restaurant where I work. that place has even ruined a perfectly good johnny cash song

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@tinyfaery actually this is my real ringtone i just have that on my phone to make people go crazy at large public gatherings

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That crackly roar when the tv gets turned off but the satellite dish thingy
is still turned on. O god. Give me morphine. I can’t stand this for even one

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snoring when I’m trying to sleep

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Emergency vehicles and screeching subway cars.

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Oh and: titillating Mexican singing from the until-now-unnoticed bar on the other side of the concrete wall against which the head of my hard, Lysol-smelling Mexican bed is jammed, very late at night, when I’ve been on a plane for a lot of one early-rising day and on a bus for the rest of it. This is a noise that I admit I have the huge privilege of being annoyed by due to my freedom to take vacations.

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My girls dog barking all night at anything that moves. I just wanna kick it in the mouth.

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@jh Not funny.

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People chewing. When my father eats anything with mayo on it, the sound makes me start to gag.

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@ Macbean ~ then there are the people who chew with their mouth open, blech

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@mcbealer—Yes, that’s even worse because then they don’t even have to be nearby for me to be able to hear them. Blech, indeed!

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I’m totally with the mac’s on this one!! Eating and drinking sounds are the worst! My father-in-law is very big on his baguette sandwiches and he wears dentures….....and my mum is a noisy drinker – I can’t have morning coffee with her!

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Someone obliviously thrashing away at a clearly out-of-tune guitar. Makes me want to leap from a rooftop.

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@spargett – that is truly painful. Even worse if they are on amp.

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I thought the styrofoam thing that kevrev metioned was it (I got shivers all over me when I read it) but I took a flight from the east coast of the US to Heathrow a few years back. The man next to me spent the entire flight working on his computer. The power sockets weren’t working on the seats, so his PC beeped the entire flight there. He was clueless, and even asked if he could use my socket. It continued to beep. I finally (after migraine set in) told him I couldn’t take it anymore. Another reason for buying a Mac.

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My kids whining.

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My house alarm woke me up this morning, hat was incredibly annoying. Take a car alarm, and alarm clock, a computer breaking and mix it all up, and you’ve got what it sounded like OH JESUS!

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My husband snoring when he has a cold. The sound of someone coughing or blowing their nose at a dinner table eewww.

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My Mother talking.

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@JH Work with your girlfriend to get the dog trained instead of possibly hurting it. There is no reason to put up with that.

My neighbor’s dogs left outside barking at anything that moves.

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That stupid fred thing on YouTube that, for some reason beyond my knowing, some people find funny.

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@Sessul reminded me of a sound that is annoying. I used to be in all-day long meetings with a group of people and our note taker was the loud-typist. Her nails on the keys were very annoying. Tic tic tic tic tic. I wanted to shut the laptop on her hands.

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The intermittant shrill signal to replace the battery in the smoke alarm. And the fact that it usually starts at 1:00am.

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My alarm clock buzzer, waking me up at 5:00 AM on a weekend.

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A whiny adult.

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moving things inside a packed and icy freezer.

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@Eambos: Someone did that to me in college, and then went away for the weekend. It was electric and buzzed all weekend. I still can’t stand that particular buzz and won’t buy an alarm clock before I’ve heard it.

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@ tinyfaery u think I was trying to be funny.

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Sometimes singers like to do that edgy raspy throat thing in front of every word or verse of a song. Do you know what I’m talking about?

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Yes, Christina Agulera. Makes me wanna carve out my ear drums with steak knives.

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children crying…. (i’m not a bad person, sorry)

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little kids incessantly questioning the plot at rated PG-13 and R rated movies.

This happened yesterday at The Dark Knight. A no more than 5 year boy, father inconsiderate to others’ movie experience, everytime Heath Ledger appeared onscreen the kid blurted out, “Is that the Joker, dad?” (whew!)

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@mcbealer Little kids being at PG-13 and R rated movies is enough for me. Sometimes you just wonder what the parents were thinking.

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**** alert **** The Dark Knight spoiler ***** do not read any further ************

@ dragonflyfaith ~ agreed, like what was going through the little boy’s head during that hostage scene when the Lt.‘s son is held hostage by the Joker?

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Thanks for the alert mcbealer. I have not read your response yet =)

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@ Eambos, yeah in retrospect I should have probably PM’ed my comment, since it’s technically off-topic.

Highly recommend the film though. If they have it on IMAX anywhere near you, it will blow you away.

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@mcbealer See, I’m afraid of having nightmares if I go to that movie, I wouldn’t take my kid to it! I saw Texas Chain Saw in theather (the new one) and there were young kids there!

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Not trying to put a song in anyone’s head, but you know that Hamster dance music? I get enraged when someone plays that.

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Nails on a chalkboard, without a doubt. Completely unsettling sound to my ears.

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