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Have you seen the Siri commercial featuring the Cookie Monster?

Asked by JLeslie (65568points) March 21st, 2016 from iPhone

I love it! Here it is. So cute.

Do you like it as much as me? His impatience and desperation. LOL.

Please post commercials you have seen recently that you really liked so we can all see them.

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I had not seen it before. I enjoyed it, though it reminded me that Jim Croce left us way too soon.

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Waiting for cookies is a serious and debilitating affliction for countless Americans. I’ve suffered from this horrible condition my entire life and can tell you that the stress is excruciating.

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lol I have seen it, it’s very funny

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No, I have not.

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Jim Hensoncroce.

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I just happened to see it this morning as I was waking up. It started my day on a good note.

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I don’t watch TV, so no…but the Muppets pitching a product? Is that something new? Extremely disappointing, and more so (if you ask me) than seeing a celebrity do it.

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@Jeruba @ragingloli Did you watch it on my link?

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Have not, but since they made the switch to HBO I expect they’ll be pimpin’ out Elmo next.

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I have. Look at the small print at the end.

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@Jeruba Don’t make the mistake of thinking Cookie Monster isn’t a celebrity. Newt Gingrich made just that mistake. And Big Bird and his boys kicked the shit out of the Newt to my great satisfaction.

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@reijinni What does it say? I can’t read it.

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@JLeslie Let’s say it fits the theme.

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